Turtle Cove: tropical paradise holiday on private beach

Turtle Cove private beach clothing optional beach

Tucked away in Far North Queensland, equal distance from Cairns and Port Douglas lies Turtle Cove, the famed LGBTIQA+ tropical resort with its own private clothing-optional beach. Plus coming up on 16 October, Turtle Cove celebrates its very own Pride Festival (details at bottom of the article).

Let’s face it, getting away for a holiday anywhere decent recently has been a challenge at the best of times.

With lockdowns aplenty and travel limited, it’s tough finding places that really feel like you’ve left home.

Queer Queenslanders however have a special place not too far away.

Tucked away in Far North Queensland, equal distance from Cairns and Port Douglas lies Turtle Cove. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re missing out.

Known as Australia’s only LGBTIQA+ resort, Turtle Cove is just a little bit special. Featuring its own private beach, pool, heated spa, gym, restaurant and even a cheeky clothing-optional beach, Turtle Cove has it all.

Having been around for the better part of three decades, this little slice of heaven has seen its fair share of changes over the years. Since travelling there myself five times in the last few years it’s easy to see how a place can grow and change very quickly. In previous years Turtle Cove sometimes felt like a men-only retreat, but this trip testified to its universal appeal. Joining us across our seven-day stay were couples of all genders and sexuality.

Current managers Julien and Nathan pour their blood, sweat, tears and their hearts into Turtle Cove and it shows.

From the moment you arrive, they are friendly and welcoming. Whether you’re settling into a perfect beachfront room or the lovely garden view rooms, they take the time to make you feel at home like old friends.

turtle cove clothing optional beach private beach


Explore North Queensland

For some, Turtle Cove is a base whilst exploring the beauty North Queensland has to offer. Hiring a car provides you with plenty of options to explore the beauty of the area. From waterfalls to rainforests and beaches there is plenty to see.

But if unwinding and relaxing is more your style, there’s no need to leave when everything you need is on-site.

Dinner at the Turtle Cove restaurant is a family affair. Rarely will you find yourself eating alone.

Guests congregate along the group dining table to share stories and make new friends. The meals are truly delicious and the portions are never too small.

However, it truly is the company that helps make this place special.

Nathan and Julien have a knack for reading the room and turning the night into whatever their guests need. Whether it be card games, dance parties or bonfires on the beach, they ensure guests are entertained like old friends and welcomed with open arms. It’s an increasingly rare level of customer service these days and truly makes this place unique.

You spot it in the little things. Like the Gatorade and bag of Doritos carefully left by the door of the guest who partied a little too hard. Or the hosts who never forget a name.

Turtle Cove is family, even if only for a weekend.

Find out more or book your stay here.

turtle cove private beach clothing optional beach

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