Try This For Size! Gay Dating Show Contestant Checks Out The Goods

A television dating show in Britain has gone to “extraordinary lengths” to find the ideal date for one contestant.

Pink News reports that Dan, the first gay man to appear on Naked Attraction, opted to check the penises of six potential dates before meeting them face-to-face.


After all, Dan confessed that he was on the show to meet “Mr Right”!

The show’s format allows contestants to eliminate potential dates based on only seeing sections of them from the bottom up, before stripping off themselves and standing naked in front of their date.

Host Anna Richardson, who is in a relationship with Bake-Off star Sue Perkins, also revealed some interesting “facts” during the show.

As the potential dates were unveiled in all their glory, she noted that a study into penis size found that, out of 5000 participants, gay men had, on average, a 1/3rd of an inch longer penis than their straight counterparts.

Another study, she revealed, claimed that the scent from gay men’s armpits is different to that which emits from straight guy’s underarms.

Little wonder that the show has won more viewers than Big Brother after it was labelled as “Blind Date in a Brothel”.