Trump’s gay deputy press secretary Judd Deere

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Image: Judd Deere Facebook

A gay Republican works as Us President Donald Trump’s deputy press secretary. Judd Deere represents Trump on domestic issues.

He began working in the position in January.


In an recent interview with Buzzfeed News, he defended Trump’s anti-LGBTIQ policies.

“I’ve clearly been hired, and promoted since I’ve got here, and I’m completely open about who I am.”

“These individuals that I work with in this building don’t treat me any differently because I’m gay.”

“He doesn’t treat me any differently because I’m gay.”

However, Deere admitted Trump may not know of his sexuality.

“If he asked me, sure, I’d have the conversation with him.

“It’s not something I hide.”

“I don’t walk into the White House every day and say, ‘I’m Judd Deere; I’m gay.’”

Recently, Deere worked on Donald Trump’s  tweet recognizing June as Pride month.

That tweet touted Trump’s stance against a number of anti-LGBTQ countries.

However it ignored Trump’s attacks on over 92 LGBTIQ rights.

Judd Deere parrots Republican talking points

Deere parrots standard Republican talking points when challenged on Trump’s attacks on LGBTIQ rights.


He repeats the lie that military experts suggested the trans military ban to preserve troop readiness.

Deere also  claims allowing medical workers to deny care to LGBTIQ people care merely protects ‘conscience rights’.

Further he says if a Christian baker refused to sell him a wedding cake, “I’ll just go find another cake shop that will.”

Addressing the issue of the Equality Act, Deere argued that adding LGBTIQ people to civil rights laws would forfeit the constitutional freedoms of religious business owners.

“If the Democrats really want to work with us on passing the Equality Act, then they should actually work with the president.”

“The left really wants to continue to push what I consider to be a disgusting message that LGBT Americans are threatened under this administration.

“It’s just a smear campaign.”

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