Trump Twitter ban reaction including the deplorable Lady MAGA

Trump Twitter Ban Lady MAGA

The recently imposed Trump Twitter ban prompted much wailing from his followers. As per standard procedure, the loudest and most entitled Americans claimed the mantle of victimhood. One Trumpkin after another took to social media to whine about the silencing of conservative voices. Among them, Lady MAGA, an anti-gay and anti-trans ex-Mormon drag queen from Utah.

Last week’s violent insurrection

Last Wednesday, the outgoing president of the USA incited a violent mob to attack the country’s seat of government. He exhorted rioters to bully and intimidate the country’s elected representatives to illegally overturn an election. Trump followers erected a noose outside the Capital building. They then searched the building for the Vice-President chanting ‘Hang Mike Pence’.

Even as the insurrection raged, rather than send help, Trump tried to call senators seeking refuge from the seething mob, and pressure them to overturn the election.

Consequent to the attempted coup, Twitter temporarily banned Donald Trump. When the social media company allowed his return, Trump again posted inflammatory tweets, contravening the platform’s Terms and Conditions. Twitter then imposed a permanent ban.

Donny Jr on Trump Twitter ban

Donald Trump Jr quickly took to Twitter referencing 1984, despite the ‘author’ of Triggered probably never reading George Orwell’s opus on totalitarianism and the manipulation of truth. Donny Jr seemed incapable of comprehending that free speech exists when people can say what they like. Insisting that others either amplify the message or listen is something else — dictatorship.

As others quickly pointed out, Orwell’s book finds favour with people in the same manner as ‘karma’. Neither is ever relevant to ourselves, only to our enemies.

Meanwhile, the gay wedding cake metaphor found favour with those who recalled the conservative’s usual defence of the right of private companies to refuse service.


Lady MAGA promotes himself as a “Drag Artist & PATRIOT! Activist. Journalist. Commie fighter.” He’s also anti-mask and pro-gun. The Utah drag queen often attends Trump rallies.

On social media, he rails against the ‘leftist political radicalism’ of the LGBTIQ communities. He posted a video of himself late last year ringing a school to karen about the BLM and Rainbow flags flying out the front.

Additionally, the man behind Lady MAGA whines about ‘vulgar and alienating’ drag shows and the promiscuity of gays. Despite himself favouring a Disney Princess look, Lady MAGA also opposes Drag Storytime.

In fact, it’s hard to find anything LGBTIQ this ‘gay conservative’ does approve of.

The self-absorbed princess claims LGBTIQ communities are  “dangerously pushing transgenderism on children.”

“I feel that the T has taken over the entire movement.”

He posted on Facebook, equating his own propensity for dress-ups with the experience of transgender people.

“When I was five, I’d sneak my sister’s cheerleading uniform and dance in front of the mirror.
That did not mean I needed to be injected with estrogen or blockers that stopped my adam’s apple from developing or my b*lls from dropping.”

I love my #straight #white #masculine #alpha #christian brothers

Here’s another quote from the racist, transphobic and homophobic bigot’s Facebook.

Let’s expose the total hypocrisy and lies of #blacklivesmatter
Let’s expose the lies about conservative, alpha men: Our nation’s most persecuted demographic.
I love my #straight #white #masculine #alpha #christian brothers and I defend them!
Let’s expose the lie that they’re all #homophobic #bigots
Let’s expose #blm for the hate-filled terrorists they are.
…even me, a #dragqueen can leave the left and defy the #lgbt radicals who seek the destruction of our great country.

Despite his determination to influence public debate, Lady MAGA never divulges his real name.

But he never stops complaining about the silencing of conservative voices.

“You never know who the Gestapo will target next.”

He complains about conservative voices being shut down on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Parler and also on his website.

Here’s a video he shared on Facebook following his participation in the preliminaries of Wednesday’s coup attempt. He complained the Fake News will never show you this aspect of Wednesday’s protest.

Anyway, ten days more of Trump as president. Who knows what else might transpire?

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