Troye Sivan: ‘I Feel Like A Badass In Red Lipstick’

Troye Sivan is interviewed by Andrew Denton on Channel 7 program Interview

Pop star Troye Sivan has opened up about his initial trepidation about embracing his feminine side in his genderqueer-styled music video for latest single Bloom.

In the music video, Sivan wears heavy makeup and dances in couture costumes paying tribute to different eras of queer culture.

Sivan told talk show host Andrew Denton on Tuesday night’s episode of Interview that on the day of shooting the clip he kept asking himself, “Am I really about to do this?”

“There’s that person that for so long I was petrified of – absolutely petrified of,” Sivan said.

“I’m 23 now and I still had a moment of, ‘Should I be doing this? Is this okay?’ It’s something that I still am pushing through and working through.

“For some reason, exploring my femininity – that’s the scary stuff for me and I don’t know why.

“Now I find so much power in it. I feel like a real badass in red lipstick, I found out.

“It brings me so much joy. I know that it’s always, always been inside of me.”

The Perth-born singer said he watched “hundreds if not thousands” of coming-out videos before recording his own viral coming-out video at age 17, but said what was most important to him was how his own story could help others navigating their own similar paths.

“When I was most vulnerable at 14 and 15, I had no idea where to turn for any sort of community or support,” Sivan said.

“Like I have in so many other ways in my life, I turned to the internet. I watched every single video like that on YouTube at the time – of people sharing their stories and people sharing their truths. It completely, completely changed my life.

“I carried a lot of insecurities and a lot of kind of those issues from when I was a kid until even after I came out. And it’s still a journey that I’m on.

“I’m pushing myself now more than ever, and maybe that’s why I feel so passionately about pushing the message that I’m pushing now, which is to just be absolutely unapologetically yourself.

“It’s taken me a really long time and it’s a constant journey that I’m on to kind of get rid of any of those pre-existing issues and that weight.”

Sivan’s upcoming album Bloom will be released on August 31.