Troye Sivan claps back at cringeworthy Channel Seven segment

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Troye Sivan has responded to Channel Seven airing a cringeworthy segment about him in the latest episode of a new show.

The new talking head series Now and Then features Boomer, Millennial and Generation Z comedians debating which generation was “ultimately the best of them all.”

And this week’s episode “pitted the generations against each other, by asking: which generation of Aussies were the hottest?”

And in one segment of the Channel Seven show, several talking heads were shown a photo of Troye, and asked for their thoughts.

Radio star Merrick Watts remarked, “Yeah, I can’t say that I find him hot.”

Comedian Denise Scott then called Troye “wussy” and someone else commented that the singer looked “weak”.

Another comedian claimed Troye “looks like Miley Cyrus” in the photo.

Troye watched the show and shared the scene to his Instagram Story, highlighting the comments with captions.

He also shared it on his Twitter, reclaiming the insult in a separate tweet, writing, “Wussy boys for life.”

“Also Miley is so hot so suck my tiddies,” he added.

Troye Sivan fans rip ‘tasteless’ TV segment

The singer’s Twitter followers also had his back, with people variously blasting the segment as “typical Channel 7”, “very strange” and “tasteless”.

“These people have very strange definitions of beauty,” another wrote.

Somebody else wrote, “This is why I don’t watch free to air Aussie TV anymore. Love you Troye.”

“The Miley one is actually a compliment,” another pointed out.

“There is something very odd about people who look like these people judging the appearance of others,” somebody else wrote.

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Jordan Hirst

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  1. Michael Reid
    12 April 2024

    THIS is an older article, a few years old now. It came up as a link to a current article piece. I did see the tacky piece, and was especially disappointed Denis Scott would involve herself, in such trash. I bet most if not all had a vague idea at best who Troye was? THE mouth that uttered ‘weak’ was from one of those cricketers involved in that little ball tampering scandal, that is possibly over 5+ years ago now. Quite THE NERVE! considering that nonsense HE fully went along with, but got totally ‘busted’ or what is that other word? ‘Putted’ for his misbehaviour. Oh! we got the tearful public apology, cause he is one of those that still seems to come out of such wrong doings, they nonetheless are kept on otherwise can ‘do no wrong’. However Troye Sivan is unlikely to never, will risk being neither a fake nor cheated to achieve his self earned successful professional life. HE will always be able to reflect on his past with honest pride, no shame! Can ‘whats his name’ make the same claim, even IF he remains a golden boy forever more? “Lost Boy”.

  2. Michael Reid
    12 April 2024

    I will blame autocorrect I didn’t ask nor wanted, nor needed nor expected it to change “Outted” to “Putted” which isn’t a real word I’ve ever heard nor read before in anything! I did misspell Denise. Be good if you could correct typos you notice after pressing the button to submit these comments.

  3. Michael Reid
    12 April 2024

    Well other than a golf or mini golf course.

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