Troye Sivan came out to Tom Ballard via a super cute email

Pop singer Troye Sivan in HBO's The Idol
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When The Idol star and pop sensation Troye Sivan was just 16-years-old, he came out to actor and comedian Tom Ballard via email.

Before becoming an international sensation, Sivan had amassed a fanbase on Youtube posting song covers and vlogs.

He eventually came out to his audience in a Youtube video, but previously had a lot of anxiety about being out in the public eye.

Seeking advice, in 2012, he reached out to Ballard.

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In a clip from a 2018 episode of Tonightly with Tom Ballard, the duo revisited their original email correspondence.


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“Hi Tom, my name is Troye and I’m 16-year-old singer/actor from WA,” Sivan wrote.

“I understand you’re not a psychiatrist and fully understand if you don’t have time to get back to me, but I just need a little advice.

“All sounds well yeah? It all is, except for one issue I beg you to keep on the down low.

“I too, am homosexual. My questions to you are about coming out in the public eye.

“I have this dilemma before my career even begins is that I’ll become ‘that gay guy’ to everyone.”

Reading back the letter, Sivan joked that he had become ‘that gay guy’.

For fans, his new ‘popper anthem’ single Rush is sure to set the tone of his third album which he promises is “hopeful, joyous, sexy.”

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