Trixie Mattel is the new queen of Twitter, well, almost

Trixie Mattel Twitter Drag Race

Drag Race star Trixie Mattel has reached an important milestone on social media platform Twitter.

The queen is notorious for making a name for herself online with her quirky one-liners poking fun at everyone.

Now her quick-fingered typing has paid off as she surpassed one million followers on Twitter this week.

Trixie is now the most followed Drag Race Alumni on Twitter.

Now at over one million followers, Trixie Mattel has taken the lead over her fellow Drag Race alumni.

Despite being hugely popular on the platform she has overtaken Bianca Del Rio who comes in at 782,000 followers.

Drag Race fan account Daily Trixie & Katya did the math for us.

They even went so far as to discover that Trixie Mattel is the fourth most followed drag queen in all of Twitter (after originally declaring her the third).

The most followed drag queen on Twitter is in fact Brazillian singer and drag star Pabllo Vittar with a whopping 2.5 million followers.

At 1.5m RuPaul Charles himself is the second most followed drag star on Twitter.

Sneaking in at just 100k more with 1.1 million followers is also a Brazillian drag queen, Gloria Groove.

This leaves Drag Race star Trixxie in 4th place, which is pretty impressive for a queen who was kicked off in the 4th episode of Drag Race season seven.


Trixie Mattel: Queen of Twitter?

Now you might think Trixie Mattel racking up one million followers might not be newsworthy?

Well, you’d probably be right.

However, there are legions of die-hard Drag Race fans out there who regularly track the numbers of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers of the Drag Race Queens.

Why do they do this? Who can say?

Amongst the queens themselves, however, it often appears to be a competition as they regularly discuss and debate “their fans” and number of followers online.

In fact, with the growing Drag Race fanbase and number of queens competing on the show it is necessary to amass as many followers as they can in order to monetize their appearances.

Whilst many queens are going on to other projects including, film, TV and podcasts many stars leverage their following for product sponsorship and endorsements for extra income.

So whilst Trixie may not be THE queen of Twitter, she’s pretty damn close.


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