Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) in a world in lockdown

world in lockdown transgender day of visibility tdov
Qld Ambulance Service celebrating TDOV with openly transgender paramedics Corey and Jennifer. Image: QAS Facebook

With much of the world in lockdown, International Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) moves online in 2020. Following the small gains of recent years, transgender people refuse to retreat into invisibility. Together with the Australian Transgender Support Association Queensland (ATSAQ), QNews is celebrating TDOV all day long.

QAS – Transgender Victoria – Lauren Crofts on Visibility

Queensland Ambulance Service on TDOV


This morning, the Queensland Ambulance Service posted the above pic in celebration of the day.

“Today, we recognise Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) as a day of significance and one of celebration.

“The Queensland Ambulance Service is proud of our growing diversity, with openly transgender paramedics, including Corey and Jennifer.

“As an organisation, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive workplace for everyone and we’re proud to be celebrating TDOV with our QAS family and beyond!”

Thank you to the Queensland Ambulance Service. Further, to all the health professionals like Corey and Jennifer our there working to protect us all whatever our sexuality or identity, our deepest gratitude.

Last year QNews spoke to Jennifer about her journey to celebrate TDOV 2019.

TDOV around the world

Lauren Crofts on the importance of visibility

Lauren Crofts lives in the small regional town of Mandurah south of Perth in WA.

Although a conservative town, most people voted for Marriage Equality in 2017. However, Andrew Hastie, the local member, ignored his constituents to abstain from the vote in federal parliament.

Lauren says most queer folk leave Mandurah, for the state’s capital, or even further afield to Melbourne or Sydney.


“Queer folk do not view Mandurah as an appealing place for queer folk to live. Many of us experience violence, exclusion, denial of opportunities in our careers, and discrimination in other settings.

“On top of this, trans folk find it impossible to find accomplished professionals willing to help us explore psychological or medical support for transition. Many just say they cannot help us.

“However, the Mandurah council recently assisted us to set up our own regional incorporated Pride organisation, Pride in Peel.

“As a 34-year-old trans woman at a comfortable place in her journey, I’ve begun to reach out to other trans people in our community to offer my friendship, love and support.

“We’ve begun our own Facebook support group for the region. Although unemployed since my transition began, I’m not sitting on my hands.

“I train local doctors, study HRT, assist my peers and support them in their journeys.

“After Pam from a local lesbian group invited me to the first meeting of Pride in Peel, I became a member of the board.

“Pride in Peel celebrates inclusion and diversity. I’m delighted to become part of an organisation with such a wonderful vision for our local community.

International Women’s Day

tdov atsaq transgender day of visibility
Lauren and her mum

“Through Pride in Peel, I received an invitation to speak at a local International Women’s Day event.

“I was terrified to be honest. I wondered about the reception I’d receive and every insecurity I harbour sprang to the fore.

“My mother and stepdad attended with me and as we sat there and listened to the other panellists I was struck by their wonderful stories of resilience and survival.

“Although shy and nervous when my time came to speak, the support I could feel from the people in the room inspired me to open up and talk honestly about my life.

“Afterwards women approached me to ask how they could support gender diverse members of their own families.

“That’s when I truly understood the power of visibility.”


For 30 years now, ATSAQ has educated, informed, supported and advocated. During those years, Krissie and Gina of ATSAQ supported hundreds of trans men and women on their personal journeys.

We thank them for their continued efforts and can’t let the day pass without mentioning that Krissie gets a double celebration. Today is not only Transgender Day of Visibility but her birthday. Happy Birthday!

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