Transgender Awareness Week: Visible & positive representation

transgender awareness week
Image: Tina Eastley

Beginning 13 November: Transgender Awareness Week. Allyship for Trans and Gender Diverse communities are front and centre of our minds and we especially acknowledge Sistergirls, Brotherboys and Trans People of Colour.

Transgender Awareness Week 2021 is about holding space for folk to continue to do awe-inspiring and meaningful work in the spaces where they do that… in education spaces, community spaces, corporate spaces, sporting spaces, in entertainment on our screens, stages, magazines and insta-spheres…and about stepping up to support the expansion of these spaces when we are asked to do so

Our work as allies is to keep creating safer spaces for folk to seek the assistance they need, in the places they need it, at the time they need it. Rates of suicide and self-harm are now alarmingly high.

Visible and positive representation everywhere!!

Amazing folks with a gender history not conforming to the historical/hysterical narrative of bodily and gender identity/integrity. This Trans Awareness Week, celebrate the amazing strength and also the resilience of folk who have spent countless years of energy and effort in being the best and truest humans they can be. Community heroes by any measure.

Trans Community Awards

Look at all of the legends both thriving and kicking down roadblocks left, right and centre. They’re paving the way for future TGDNB folk to shape their worlds however they need them to be. You and I can scarcely imagine those future worlds because the frontiers of our virtual and physical worlds are continually smashed and rebuilt/reshaped/reimagined.

transgender awareness week
Image: Tina Eastley

Transgender Day of Remembrance

300 or so names worldwide added to an already too long list. Trans women of colour and sex workers from South American countries make up the bulk of the list. However, we’ve also seen deaths in Australia during the last few years. Let’s work better together to stop this increase. Our communities know the scars that remain following hard-fought battles with those that use our lives as political weaponry.

Let’s not add to it by allowing division within. #translivesmatter

13 November: Trans Fair Day, New Farm Park

14 November: Trans Community Awards, Wickham Hotel

20 November: Transgender Day of Remembrance – Candlelight Vigil & Ceremony, Wilson’s Outlook Reserve.

Details at Many Genders One Voice

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