Trans woman detained at airport shares ordeal in emotional video

transgender woman detained at airport twitter video
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A trans woman has taken to Twitter to open up about her experience being detained at an airport.

She was travelling to see her family over the Thanksgiving period when she was stopped and detained by airport personnel.

The trans woman, Lilah, tweeted a video of herself walking through the airport in tears.

“It’s so f–ked up that trans people have to literally go through that,” she said in the video.

“I know it’s so f–king dramatic to cry over a f–king airport, but it’s so annoying, literally trans people have to go through this and get detained.”

Lilah uploaded the video earlier this week and it has since gone viral.

She said she wanted to make people aware of her situation and let other trans women and men know they’re not alone.

“I’m sharing this so anyone who has or WILL experience this is not alone,” her tweet said.

Since uploading, the video has been viewed over 900,000 times. It has also received more than 40,000 likes.

Invasive searches are not uncommon among transgender people

Back in August, Vice reported transgender travellers are more vulnerable to searches than their cis-gendered counterparts.

A report released by Propublica revealed there have been hundreds of complaints made to the TSA over the last three years.

“The review covered civil rights complaints filed from January 2016 through to April 2019,” the report said.

“[It] found that…298 complaints were related to [the] screening of transgender people. ”

These figures are jarring, considering transgender people in the US make up only 1% of the population.

Trans woman met with love

Commenters on Lilah’s video showered her with support. Some even shared their own experiences.

“I recently met someone who’s gone thru (sic) this exact experience,” one person said.

“Similar shit happened to me. They pulled me aside for additional screening. I still feel violated,” another added.

On Twitter, Lilah said she too underwent additional screening.

“It was me getting pulled into a room and waiting for 5 diff (sic) rounds of security guards to come in and question/pat me down/ scan me with x-rays & more,” she said.

Several commenters, however, called the trans woman dramatic, saying she had exaggerated the incident.

“There’s got to be more to it than being trans,” one commenter said.

“I had to go through extra security and I’m not trans. Not everything is because you’re trans,” another added.

The trans woman slammed those accusing her of embellishing the details of the incident.

“Tell me when you’re discriminated against or shut the f**ck up,” she said.

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