German Trans Man Ben Melzer

German trans man and model Ben Melzer made headlines by becoming a finalist in last month’s “Ultimate Cover Guy” contest to find cover stars for the German edition of Men’s Health magazine.

Now Ben has set his sights even higher: he wants to become a Calvin Klein underwear model.

“My future, my life goal, would to be a Calvin Klein commercial. Just wearing underwear, because you need to accept your body,” he told Paper Magazine.

“And you need to transport a message – and you can’t transport that message if you don’t feel comfortable.”

“I want to open doors for others, so they don’t have to live in stealth. [Let people know] they’re able to achieve their dreams if they go after them.”

Ben gave some sage advice for other people who are beginning to transition, telling them that they need to “be patient.”

“When I started my transition, I always got mad when my mother said something wrong. Like ‘she.’ But I forgot that it’s not easy for parents,” he said.

“They’re used to calling you ‘she’ and by your female name – and then you want them to switch like this [snaps fingers]. It’s not possible, so be patient. And it’ll get better.”

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