Trans-exclusionists to help design inclusion poster

women speak tasmania
Women Speak Tasmania Image: Facebook

Hobart City Council’s Parks Committee voted last week to allow Women Speak Tasmania, a group opposed to trans-inclusion, to participate in the design of trans-inclusive posters for public toilets.

Last month, alderman Holly Ewin moved a motion to introduce the posters. The council voted in favour. The motion proposed posters developed in collaboration with Working It Out and Transforming Tasmania.


However, Thursday night, Alderman Damon Thomas moved an amendment to include Women Speak Tasmania in the design process.

Isla Fisher from Woman Speak Tasmania rejected any assertion of a trans exclusionary bias.

She claims the group supports the protection and safety of transgender people, but she does not think “trans women are women.”

The vast majority of women in our community want to maintain single sex services and facilities based on the biological reality that persons with male genitalia are not what women wish to be exposed to in single sex facilities.

Martine Delaney, Transgender advocate

Transgender advocate Martine Delaney described the decision to the ABC as farcical.

“It smacks of somebody trying to ensure that there isn’t actually a poster at the end of it.

Martine said Women Speak Tasmania make repeated claim to support trans people, despite constantly belittling trans people and questioning their existence.

“I can’t see how one would get through such a process and come out of it with a poster that is at all inclusive.”

Isla Fisher of Women Speak Tasmania claimed her group wished to come to an agreement on the posters.

“I think organisations like Transforming Tasmania and other groups understand that when we’re discussing issues about single sex services, we have to be considerate of multi-faith communities, some of which have got very strong restrictions on sharing spaces with male-bodied people.”

The full council will vote on the amendment later this month.

Women Speaks Tasmania

Women Speaks Tasmania describe themselves as radical feminists.

While claiming not to harbour an anti-trans agenda, most recent posts on their Facebook page focus on either trans issues or their campaign against legal sex work.


One male supporter of the group described the ‘trans lobby’ as a ‘cult’.

Another posted, “Trans women are men. That is biological fact and reality. Reinforcing restrictive socially constructed gender stereotypes does not change that.”

Finally a post from the page admins themselves gets to the core of their thinking. They deny describing trans people as rapists or paedophiles.

“We say MALES are.”

“We also don’t say ALL MALES are rapists and pedophiles.

“But women are being assaulted and raped…

“ALL that we are saying is: MALES can’t be FEMALES.”

Women Speak Tasmania
Not a great reference for a collaboration on a Trans-inclusive poster! Image: Women Speak Australia Facebook page.

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