Trans And Gender Diverse Queenslanders To Address Conference

Reverend Jo Inkpin

A lineup of transgender and gender diverse Queenslanders will share their experiences at a conference in Brisbane this weekend.

The one-day conference will explore the terms and concepts involved in the topic of gender diversity and gender non-conformity and explore what science says about the development of gender in youth and outline some of the socially-related health issues facing people who are gender non-conforming.

The event is organised by Sea of Faith International and will be held this Sunday (June 17) at the Queensland Art Gallery in South Bank.

“With the same-sex marriage debate in Australia resolved, the next flashpoint may be the phenomenon of transgender people asserting their personal and civil rights,” organisers said.

“Prominent transgender Australians now regularly appear in the media, and controversy on this issue – especially about gender-diverse youth and education – is a common feature of media and social media commentary.

“It’s time for a solid understanding of the terms and concepts involved in the topic of gender diversity. It’s also time to gain an insight into the experiences of gender-non-conforming people, and to have an opportunity to appreciate the issues from the ‘inside’.”

Speakers at the conference will include Jade Mirabito, a service educator working with Gold Coast mental health and suicide prevention services;

PFLAG Toowoomba’s Diane Spearritt, a pathologist and a parent of a trans child; and Olivia Donaghy, who leads the Children’s Health Queensland gender service at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

Panel members will include trans and gay/lesbian people with a story to tell of their experience as gender non-conforming people in a primarily gender-binary society.

Rev. Jo Inkpin (pictured) is an Anglican priest and trans woman, and lectures in theology at St Francis College in Brisbane.

Lawyer Andrew Gills started life as a girl but has been living as a man since 1998 when he was 18 years old.

Janelle Hall was raised in a fundamental evangelical Christian family, and is the mother of an 18yr old transgender FTM son who began his social transition at 15.

This initially challenged Janelle’s personal beliefs about gender and gender identity, but her son has continued his transition with her full support.

Lucian Galbraith is a young transgender man who was raised in Perth and now lives in Brisbane, and runs friendly social events for LGBT+ Youth.

Finnian Sonter is a non-binary transgender man and psychology student whose experiences with having autism have shaped his understanding of gender. Finnian also conducts research for the School of Psychology (UQ) and volunteers with the mental health organisation Headspace.

Registration for the conference costs $20. More information and online registration is available from the website here.

Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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