Top shaming now a thing? If they wear jockstraps?

jockstrap top shaming

It seems top shaming is now a thing. According to X, the alphanumeric character formerly known as Twitter, no self-respecting top should wear a jockstrap.

I suppose it’s only fair that tops take a turn. Bottoms have already copped it hard and long.

But restricting clothing choices seems a very conservative heterosexual sort of thing to do.

This all started early on the morning of Friday, October 20, 2023. Yesterday, in fact.

A guy who invented a card game called Poof the Game posted to X.

“Why are you, a top, wearing a jock strap?” he asked.

It seems a reasonable question. Was the jockstrap not designed to offer easy access to the garden of joy waiting betwixt the buttocks? Would that not excuse a little top shaming?

Well… no actually. The jockstrap was designed as a sporting garment that offered less restrictive movement than other undergarments. In fact, champion boxer Billy Papke became renowned for wearing a jockstrap — and only a jockstrap — for matches in the early 1900s.

jockstrap Billy Papke
Billy Papke vs Stanley Ketchel 1908

Then, gays discovered the jockstrap

However, gays then noticed how beautifully the athletic undergarment accentuated the curve of a nice butt while also offering unhindered access to the delights therein.

Physique photographers and then porn producers popularised the humble jockstrap. Soon, along with the typical standard white sporting model, it became available in a myriad of colours and fabrics. Leather jockstraps, rhinestoned jockstraps, edible jockstraps — now there is one for everyone.

But back to the top shaming. Numerous jockstrap-wearing tops soon answered the query – many of their replies NSFW! But our readers know how to sniff out NSFW so we’ll leave it to you and stick with a few of our favourite replies.

How about some vintage models out of their jockstraps?

NSFW! The nude pics of the AH MEN models.

Inked-up nude bad boys: vintage rough trade.

Vintage Nude Physique Model Zaro Rossi.

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