Toffee Custard? A new twist for the Golden Gaytime

Streets has announced a new collab for an Aussie fave. Get ready for Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard.

We’ve seen the frozen treat re-imagined in different ways before — from doughnuts to plant-based versions.

But now, Pauls, known for their classic custards, have put on their own twist. They’ve joined up with Streets to create a Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard.

Pauls is calling the creation the “most irresistible, iconically Aussie collaboration ever.”

It features their well-loved thick and creamy custard combined with toffee and vanilla flavours.

Alongside the Golden Gaytime-inspired custard, Pauls has also released a Violet Crumble-inspired and a Chupa Chups-inspired Strawberry and Cream Custard. They are calling the release a “nostalgic creation guaranteed to revive sweet childhood memories.”

And unlike the others, the Gaytime-inspired toffee custard is here to stay. It is sold at both Coles and Woolworths, as well as some independent grocery stores. Pauls dairy products have been in Aussie fridges for more than 90 years.

Golden Gaytime Vegemite?

But what other products would combine with the Golden Gaytime to create a new and iconic Aussie flavour?

Perhaps Golden Gaytime Vegemite?

Or a Golden Gaytime Chiko Roll?

Who knows but we do know the price it’s getting more and more expensive to have a Gaytime. A four-pack of Gaytimes now retails for $10 in most stores. This price is up almost 18 per cent from 2019 when the same pack cost just $8.49.

A single Gaytime used to cost $3.40 at supermarkets right before the pandemic hit but now costs as much as $5. It’s so hard to have a Gaytime when you’re poor.

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  1. Cool Pete
    9 November 2023

    What about a Golden Gaytime Lactose and Gluten Free Toffee Custard? Or Rocky Road?

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