Titus Low Kaide charged by Singapore over OnlyFans

Titus Low Kaide
Image: Titus Low Kaide Instagram

Singaporean authorities recently charged 22-year-old Titus Low Kaide with posting obscene photographs and videos to OnlyFans.

The charges highlight the risk to adult content creators in countries that criminalise content and/or sexual activity that is legal in other jurisdictions.

Titus Low Kaide’s content included nude photos, wank vids and low range male-to-male activity with another model. Singapore bans the distribution, possession and sale of porn as well as gay sex and nudity.

Singaporean police said they received a report in September about Titus transmitting ‘obscene materials in the form of images and videos of his private parts’. They then issued an order, which he ignored, banning him from accessing his OnlyFans account.

For his original uploads, Titus Low Kaide faces a potential jail term of up to three months, a fine, or both. However, ignoring the order not to post additional content could cost a further 6-month sentence and a fine of up to $5100.

In a video posted online following the charges Titus Low Kaide said he did not know who complained about his content.


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Not forced to watch

“We only create content for people who are our age and wish to have content they want to see. And all this is on the basis of everything is consensual.

“So we don’t force you to watch our content, we don’t force you to pay it’s not open for public consumption, and if I don’t impede on your life and your lifestyle, to the person who reported me, why are you impeding in mine?

“Till today, I don’t know who made the report, and I don’t know why. I mean, it’s OnlyFans. I have to create specific content for specific adults. We are both willing like buyer and seller.”

Titus Low Kaide said he joined OnlyFans to enable a lifestyle he could not previously afford.

“If I have the choice to rewind time, I would of course be more savvy and have a more sustainable lifestyle. I think because I’m young and I just want to have the fun, I want to have the life that I used to dream of.”

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