Time is running out to support the NSW Equality Bill

Alex Greenwich stands outside the Australian Parliament on the same day as same-sex marriage was legalised
Alex Greenwich is the state Member for Sydney and the author of the Equality Bill. Photo by EqualityCWiki/Wikipedia.

An online survey that is being held as part of the inquiry into state Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich’s LGBTIQA+ Equality Bill to end discrimination under the law in NSW against our community is coming to a close and you only have until Sunday to fill it out.

The two minute survey asks for your name, email address and postcode and then asks you to answer whether you “oppose,” feel “neutral,” or “support” the changes to a number of different pieces of state legislation that the Equality Bill will amend to reform.

The survey doesn’t explain the proposed changes to each piece of legislation but voting “support” to each question will ensure you are indicating your support for the strongest version of the legislation to be voted on by the NSW Parliament.

“You have the opportunity to help make NSW Safer for LGBTIQA+ people across the state, simply by completing the NSW Parliament’s public survey on my LGBTIQA+ Equality Bill,” Greenwich told supporters earlier today.

“The Survey closes this weekend, and opponents of reform have been using misinformation to drive opposition to this important piece of legislation, so its important as many supporters complete the survey as possible.

“I’m encouraging you to answer YES to all the questions. They all relate to provisions in my bill that remove discrimination from the LGBTIQA+ community.”

Pride in Protest have produced an explainer about the survey on their Instagram account but they are cautious about some aspects of the bill that relate to policing and the criminal justice system as they are a group that supports abolishing the police and prison system.

Equality Australia has produced their own in depth explainer for the bill and are urging a “support” vote on all of the questions in the survey.

NSW LGBTIQA+ Equality Bill Explainer

You can find the survey on the NSW Parliament website if you follow this link


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