TikToker StanChris and partner Bret LaBelle discuss 27-year age gap

Chris Stanley (StanChris) and Bret LaBelle on their age gap relationship
Image: Instagram

TikToker Chris Stanley (a.k.a. StanChris) and his partner, Survivor star Bret LaBelle, don’t pay much attention to people criticising their 27-year age gap.

StanChris (real name Chris Stanley) is 23 and has well over a million followers on his social media accounts, where he posts comedy skits and “people on the street” videos.

Bret, 49, is known for his stint on US Survivor’s 2016 season, where he came out as gay to fellow gay castaway Zeke.

The couple, who now also have a cute joint Instagram account, have talked about their relationship in a chat with Bear World Magazine.

Chris Stanley said the pair slid into each other’s DMs during Covid quarantine.

“I watched Bret’s season and noticed that he was from Boston,” Chris said.

“I was in New Hampshire, so it wasn’t that far away. And the whole time I was like, oh, he’s so hot, he’s so handsome, he’s so everything. And then he came out and I was like, ‘Oh my God! He’s gay? I actually could have a shot!’

“So I just shot my shot with him on Instagram.”

Bret said, “I realized about six or seven months earlier, he popped up on my feed because a very good friend of mine who used to be my roommate, followed him.

“They lived near each other, and I was like, oh, he’s totally my friend’s type and I just assumed they had dated. So, in my drunken stupor, I sent him a message.

“It means that we both sought each other out at different times.”

StanChris, Chris Stanley, and his partner Bret LaBelle

StanChris and Bret LaBelle respond to age gap critics

The StanChris social media personality then messaged Bret, telling him, “You should take me on a date.”

“And we went on a date and then started hanging out,” he said.

Discussing their age difference, Bret said at first “it just seemed like the age difference was too much of a gap.”

“As we got to know each other and as the relationship formed, it got to the point where I still was worried about it, he was becoming less worried about it,” he said.

“But then, I said, well, who cares? This is working.

“I’ve dated enough people to know when something’s not working. When things are really going good, you’re like, f__k it. You know? You only live once.

On other people’s criticism of his and Chris’ relationship, Bret explained, “When my leg was messed up, those people weren’t here taking care of me.

“Chris was. Only we know how we feel about each other so f__k those people, that’s how I look at it.”

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  1. Michael
    21 August 2023

    In just over a year, of owning my 1ST ‘Smart TV’, where you can view / watch the Youtube Channel for free. I have been following a small handful of charming / disarming content creators like the particularly pretty ‘n’ perky Chris Stanley. I just love the travel or holiday diaries he does as videos. What a wonderful life, he and few close buddies have created for themselves, “Living Their Best (Young) Lives” no end it seems. It is such a sweet story & example about positive quality loving relationships & friendships can exist within the LGBTQIA+ community, when you treat everyone with same respect as you need for yourselves. So it is kinda old news that Chris is with Brett an older man, if you regularly tune in to his videos. Nonetheless lovely to feature them in the magazine. Chris is often seen with his Dearest buddy Artiboy, often going away together on this trips. Most recent to Gay Pride in Amsterdam, where (I don’t think) they had ever been before. I was really noticing the bond that has clearly been forged between them, where they are comfortable enough to share a bed or become intimate without it being sexual, because they know the value of that isn’t to be taken lightly or for granted, and in this life, not that common to feel relaxed about sharing with the world. Sometimes it can look or feel like they must be boyfriends & they tease us with this sometimes despite them both having boyfriends of their own. They well and truly doing their bit for social safety & positivity within the Rainbow community. But Chris’s beauty clearly runs marathons into being more than skin deep, he also features his especially cute but kindly supportive straight mate he still knows from his childhood / school days. He was included in several gay pride trips & was duly accepted for his unwavering acceptance. It may not be that unique to this wonderful group of Beautiful Young things, but is a welcomed privilege to be invited into their lives for them to share it with us. They must be a great source & pick up for those having much less of an out & proud experience of life. Where eventually, they can encourage their nerve some more, because at only a short while ago they weren’t any more different to you now, so it could very well get a lot better.

  2. Michael
    25 August 2023

    At time of writing above short story, I memory froze on Chris’s ‘Straight Mate’s’ name. It is Calvin, I was referring to, that often appears in his diary videos on Youtube, which have included Pride fairs & hanging out with Chris’s gay friends, and is quite a lovely young spunk of a nice guy, in his own right. Shame he isn’t, I can imagine a few well meaning gents tried to befriend him a little more than anyone else but being cruelly denied by a fate “Too Good To Be True” again. I know I’d have desired to exchange a Hot Cuddle or millions more to come, if I had crossed his path.

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