TikToker Chris Zou couldn’t hook up after becoming Mardi Gras meme

Chris Zou on TikTok talking about Mardi Gras and WorldPride
Image: TikTok

Canadian TikTok tourist Chris Zou, whose hilarious take on Sydney’s hectic WorldPride season went viral, said he couldn’t hook up because of his meme status but he’s returning to Australia for a second try.

Back in February, Chris documented the chaos of partying with Aussies during the supersized Sydney WorldPride season.

In the brutally honest TikToks, he told his 69,000 followers he was “honestly shocked” he survived after he went to a pre-party, a day party, a night party, kick-ons, an after-party, and then brunch.

“When the f__k do these people sleep? I am honestly shocked that I am still alive,” he said.

“You know how normal people in normal countries would be like, ‘Oh my God, bestie! you can stop now… but people here in Australia are like, ‘Mate, go get some Hydralyte, you ain’t f___ing done!’”

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‘A bit of a bust because I never got to bust’

The gay man’s very relatable TikToks made national headlines here during the festival but this past week, Chris revealed they also had a devastating impact on his sex life in Sydney.

“That [Sydney] trip turned into a bit of a bust because I never got to bust,” he said.

“Because the country turned me into a meme. Fun fact for those of you who are trying to chase fame. No-one, absolutely no-one wants to f__k a meme.

“They only want to laugh at memes. I know there are a lot of kinks out there, but I guarantee you not a single person in this world has a meme fetish.

“No-one is touching themselves to pictures of Progress Shark.

“You know what pisses me off even more about this? I went to Sydney with a bunch of friends from here in Toronto and they all successfully dropped my name to get laid.

“So apparently you can’t be the meme, but apparently it helps to know a meme. How does that even make any sense?

Now the TikTok traveller says he’s coming back to Australia and will be going to Horrorween, an LGBTIQ Halloween dance party at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion.

He said the event name is fitting given the fact that he is “already horrified” at returning to Australia.

But he added, “I will be going back to Sydney this October with a mission. I plan on turning Horrorween into Whore-oween.”

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