TikToker Chris Olsen shares mortifying hookup fail at Sydney gym

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US TikToker Chris Olsen has shared a humiliating gym encounter during a hunt for an Aussie boyfriend on a Sydney holiday.

The gay social media personality, who has nine million followers listening to his funny TikTok stories, was over here to visit his famous BFF, Australian Idol judge Meghan Trainor.

But Chris explained while he was here, he also really, really wanted to score an Aussie boyfriend, and friends had told him the gym was great place to start.

“When I went on this trip, I was like Chris, you’re going to another country, another continent, put himself out there,” he explained.

“If it all goes wrong you leave after two weeks and you’ll never see any of these people ever again.”

‘I’m going to work up the courage and say something’

Chris Olsen explained that he thought he found an Australian boyfriend at the gym but “turns out I just had a bloody nose in public.”

“I signed up for workout classes, because that’s a great way to meet people,” he recalled.

“There were multiple hot guys in this class and there’s one [near] me while I’m working out.

“I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to work up the courage and say something as soon as it’s over.’

@chris I just knew it seemed like it was all going too well #australia #boyfriend #storytime #gonewrong ♬ Mother – Meghan Trainor

“So, the class ends and I go to the locker room. I’m a sweater [and] ever since I’ve got to Australia my nose has been really runny.

“My face at this point is wet and I am kind of sniffly. But I’m also like, whatever, I’m on a mission.

“When I leave the locker room he’s by the front desk, where there’s also a box of tissues and he’s staring at me.

“As I’m walking over his eyes are staring at me, which in hindsight, did look a little worried.

“But my mind was like, ‘He wants it.’ As I get closer, he waves me over. Then he says ‘Here, I got you,’ and I was like ‘Oh my god, are we about to kiss?!’

“Like…here I got you? What does that mean? But as I get closer he grabs a tissue and says, ‘Tilt your head back.’

“And that’s when I realised it wasn’t a normal runny nose, it was a bloody nose.”

Gym boyfriend already had a boyfriend

But to make matter worse, Chris Olsen then discovered the gym guy already had a boyfriend.

“As we’re doing this, another man comes over and is like, ‘Everything good?’,” Chris recalled.

“The OG guy is like, ‘Yeah, just a bloody nose’ and then goes ‘Babe are you ready?’ and then they leave together.”

After the encounter, Chris explained he walked back to his hotel and locked himself in his hotel room.

“That’s a wrap on Australia for me!”

In December, Chris Olsen took to TikTok to share another story of a gym encounter gone horribly wrong, about a “charming” gym bro who scammed him out of $20.


“Merry Christmas !”

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  1. Michael
    21 March 2023

    I am not at all qualified to go too deep into personal relationship feedback, but I would hardly call that a negative experience or a fail. I mean he must have had some presence of mind to consider THE object of his desire might already taken, he would have to choose another somewhere else. Sydney’s a big place, with presumably the largest openly gay population in Australia (& not just when a certain parade is on again for one night), so he clearly could have tried again. Yet as it happened that same man took some notice & great care to a stranger, sensing something wasn’t right & provided caring assistance! Did That Gentleman receive a warm THANK YOU for his efforts? That could have progressed to finding 2 new friends, thru which another suitor wasn’t far away. Nonetheless the kindness of a complete stranger was hardly a failure.

    • Kangaroo Jack
      12 April 2023

      Funny how our minds work. I’m assuming with the hope that appropriate thanks were offered to the Samaritan for his care in the moment. Not swapping numbers was likely an oversight.

      Perhaps a small sign

      “Please, if you are available and have the following attributes:
      No current squeeze
      A (choose favourite size) dick.
      Enjoy a bevy
      Like dance music
      Don’t hate seppos visiting for a week desperately seeking an Australian Squeeze with a view to
      LTR/Quickie in the Dunny/Blowie by the beach in the back of a Morris Minor
      Please approach me as I am far too shy to do anything much myself except sweep right in frustration.

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