Three Quarters Of Voters Have Posted Their Survey Forms, Poll Says

A new poll by the “yes” campaign has found that 77% of enrolled Australians have already returned their postal survey forms.

The poll, conducted by The Equality Campaign and Newgate Research, found that 69% of Australians aged 18 to 24 have returned their vote, with another 17% saying they’ve filled out their form and intend to post it.

More than 80% of people aged over 65 had voted, the poll also found.

With a total of 16 million Australians enrolled for the marriage law postal survey, the poll numbers suggest around 12.3 million have already voted with more than a month to go until the deadline of November 7.

Equality Campaign director Tiernan Brady said he was delighted with the turnout, and urged anyone who hadn’t posted their survey form to do so.

“We know that Australians are for marriage equality and won’t be fooled by any of the daily red herrings by opponents of equality,” he said.

“We got a taste of the enthusiasm of young Australians when record numbers enrolled on the electoral roll so that they could vote ‘yes’ for their friends, family and workmates.”

He said that even though people over 65 “might be less likely” to support same-sex marriage, research had still shown a majority in support.

“This is not a normal political question, this is a straightforward question about Australians and their values,” he said.

A separate poll of 1000 Australian women aged 25 to 44 released this weekend by The Equality Campaign found 75% declared they were voting “yes” in the survey.

Anyone who hasn’t received a form or whose form has been damaged has until October 20 to request a replacement from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Paperless options for Australians overseas, in remote areas or with disabilities are also now available.

On Tuesday, the ABS will announce the first weekly estimate – sourced from Australia Post – of the number of postal survey forms returned.

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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