Marquez Tolbert

Two gay men from Atlanta who were allegedly attacked with boiling water in a vicious gay hate crime have had thousands of dollars crowdfunded for them for their ongoing care.

Warning: Graphic photos below


According to Project Q Atlanta, Marquez Tolbert and his partner Anthony were asleep together in their mother’s living room on February 12 when their mother’s partner, 48-year-old Martin Luther Blackwell, allegedly poured the boiling water on them.

“We woke up to boiling hot water. I started screaming uncontrollably and I was pulled out of the house. We ran to the neighbors and called the police,” Marquez said.

“We were just burning. My body was just stinging. It was like a really, really severe kind of stinging. I could hardly think straight.”

Police arrested Mr Blackwell on two counts of aggravated battery, Project Q reported.

Now two GoFundMe crowdfunding pages, one for Marquez and one for Anthony, have been set up to pay for the couple’s hospital bills and both have raised a combined $120,000 in less than a month.

The fund for Marquez was set up by a friend of the family, Vickie Gray, to help the man who was now at home but has “a long road to recovery”.

Anthony was still in intensive care, she said.

Atlanta Gay Couple Viciously Attacked

“Marquez and his friend were attacked simply because of who they chose to love. Marquez suffered severe burns to his face, neck, arms, and back that required skin graft surgery,” Vickie Gray said.

“All donated funds will be used for medical bills, prescriptions, supplies, and everyday expenses such as rent and utilities.”

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  1. 14 April 2016

    this story really hit home to me because a local couple were strangled to death because they were homosexual. this story pulls at me for the fact it was just out of pure hate that made that man do what he did. #gaypride rebel from the crowd. don’t be ashamed for who you are. be hat one person to stand up when something like this happens. thankyou for sharing

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