Thor: Love and Thunder too queer for One Million Moms

Thor: Love and Thunder one million moms
Image: Marvel Studios

American hate group One Million Moms called last week for a boycott of  Thor: Love and Thunder because there’s just too much (queer) love in the movie. PLUS innuendos and euphemisms! F-ck me! Euphemisms! Where will it end?

One Million Moms, dismissed by GLAAD as One Meddling Mom, albeit with a massive mailing list, asked followers to petition Marvel and Disney telling the studios their families would not watch the movie.

“One Million Moms needs your help to make sure as many people as possible are aware that Marvel Studios is pushing the LGBTQ agenda on families in their newest superhero movie.

“Rated PG-13, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ includes many LGBTQ innuendos and an abundance of euphemisms, but a few scenes are not downplayed at all.”

One Million Moms helpfully provided a list of the brief moments of queer visibility evident in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Hand sex

“The alien character named Korg mentions having two dads, and he has hand sex with another member of his species.

“The bisexual goddess, King Valkyrie, kisses another woman’s hand to show interest.

“An Asgardian kid insists on going by a gender-neutral name.

“And the gay romantic tension between Thor and Star-Lord is apparent but played off as a gag.”

Sheesh, an astute viewer could find more queer references in The Wizard of Oz.

One Million Moms finishes up by complaining about the inclusion of an ‘openly gay superhero’.

“Sign our petition to Marvel and Disney stating that your family will not watch Thor: Love and Thunder since its inclusion of an openly gay superhero and its LGBTQ content go against your beliefs and values.”

Of course, if you wish to ignore these dipshits, Thor: Love and Thunder is now open in theatres everywhere.

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  1. Peter Turner
    18 July 2022

    Why do these small minded bigots get so much air time?

    Let’s dig into this woman’s past. I’m sure there will be lots of skeletons in her closet. Fight fire with fire I say.

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