This New Inclusive Rainbow Pride Flag Design Is Going Viral

Inclusive Rainbow Pride Flag

An artist’s conception of a more inclusive rainbow pride flag is picking up steam online.

Created by queer, non-binary artist Daniel Quasar, the new “progress-focussed” flag incorporates black and brown stripes, as well as elements of the transgender flag.

The artist, who prefers the pronoun xe, created the flag by incorporating other recent adaptations of the six-stripe rainbow flag first created by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker.

“We still have movement forward to make. There still is work to be done. I wanted to highlight that,” Quasar explained.

“The trans flag and marginalized community stripes were shifted to the Hoist of the flag and given a new arrow shape.

“The arrow points to the right to show forward movement, while being along the left edge shows that progress still needs to be made.

“We need to always keep progress moving forward in all aspects of our community.”

The light blue, pink, and white stripes on the left come from the transgender flag, while the brown and black stripes represent people of color “as well as those living with AIDS, those no longer living, and the stigma surrounding them,” xe wrote.

A Facebook post Quasar wrote explaining the new design has been shared more than 3000 times, with much debate over whether a new rainbow flag is needed.

“I am very surprised by what has happened and very grateful for the support I’ve gotten. People have been really amazing and I’m just happy to see it resonating with so many individuals,” xe said.

“The only thing I would say, to those saying I shouldn’t change the flag… I’m not trying to replace the current rainbow Pride flag.

“This is just another option to have alongside the many other flags that we use to show Pride.”

A Kickstarter campaign the artist created to create and send out physical copies of the new flag has raised over $20,000, surpassing the original target of $14,000.


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Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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