This gay penguin couple stole another couple’s egg and want to hatch it

african penguins gay couple netherlands
Stock photo of African penguins. Photo: Charles J Sharp/Wikimedia Commons

A gay penguin couple at a Netherlands zoo have stolen an egg from another family and are trying to hatch it.

The pair are two gay male African Penguins at the DierenPark Zoo in the city of Amersfoort.

Zookeepers suddenly discovered them nesting an egg alongside heterosexual couples.

“The gay couple are looking after the egg very well and take turns in keeping it warm,” zookeeper Marc Belt told Dutch News.

“Homosexuality is fairly common in penguins.

“What makes this couple remarkable is that they have gotten hold of an egg.”

The zoo said the gay couple took the egg from a heterosexual couple who went on to produce another, the zookeeper said.

They hope the gay couple’s egg will hatch, however it’s not yet certain if the egg has been fertilised.

It’s apparently quite common for male penguin couples to form relationships.

Several zoos around the world have given their own gay penguin pairs abandoned eggs to hatch and raise.

Sydney gay penguin couple hoping for second foster baby

In Sydney, our own gay penguin couple Sphen and Magic welcomed their first foster baby last October.

The Gentoo penguin duo live at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium. The pair went viral last year when staff announced they were inseparable ahead of breeding season.

They bowed to each other – a common way of showing love – and built an ice pebble nest together for breeding season.

Staff later gave them a foster egg from a mother who had two. Their baby girl, named Sphengic, celebrated her first birthday in October.

Last month, staff announced they gave the couple a second egg. However, we’re still waiting to see if it was fertilised. Fingers crossed!

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