This Drag Race format twist could change the game, forever

Drag Race Rupaul Live format
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A rumoured new twist to the Drag Race format could see the program changed, forever.

As far as rumours go, they are a dime a dozen when it comes to Rupual’s Drag Race.

Fans of the show seem to spend endless hours discussing and speculating on the program.

From potential cast leaks to release dates, internet forums are awash with any potential gossip on Drag Race.

This week, the depths of Twitter have dug up new speculation on a format change for the program and it’s got everyone talking.

Rupaul’s Drag Race Live?

Twitter user Holy T is laying claim to hearing rumours of the biggest shake up in the formats history, a live version of the program.

It’s old school Australian Idol meets Big Brother.

Allegedly producers are considering a format that would see Drag Race contestants compete early in the week before returning for the end of the week live elimination format.

The ultimate twist, giving the audience control as they vote for the queens they want to see moving forward.

Meanwhile Rupaul, would eliminate one of the bottom two queens following their lip sync.

Can a live Drag Race format work?

Many drag race fans were quick to decry the format change.

Citing fan toxicity and online bias towards queens of colour.

They were quick to jump in with their opinions.

Under closer examination it’s relatively clear that such a format change would be incredibly hard to pull off.

It’s long been told that production days on Drag Race go for many hours.

Not only does make up and costuming take hours, the length of shoots can be excruciating.

Runways and lip sync filming can often go long into the night.

Managing to contain the pre lip sync content into the earlier days in the week may be possible, but turning that footage around in production could seriously effect production quality.

That’s before you consider the cost.

Taking a program that shoots in 3 – 4 weeks and stretching it across fourteen weeks, including live shows would see production budgets blown out of the water.

Rumours of this new Drag Race format have reached former contestants who’ve had their own opinion as well.

Time will only tell if this new format will see the light.

In the mean time fans can enjoy the rumours of All Stars International, an All Winners Season and a teaser Drag Race UK 3 allegedly already filmed.

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