This Bisexual Cutie Tells All In New Youtube Series

Tim Manley Web Series

Despite being a long-standing part of the acronym LGBTQI, “B” for bisexual people tends to get lost amidst the more visible letters such as L, G or T.

However, things might be starting to change, partly on the back of a new YouTube series called “The Feels”.

The series, which was released on September 1, stars Tim Manley, one of the writers, as the endearing Charlie, a bisexual illustrator and teacher trying to come to terms with his manhood and being queer.

Many of the episodes portray Charlie grappling with his bisexuality as he talks about the frustrations of dating and being an openly bi man.

“The stories Charlie tells of his love life are heavily based on true stories,” Manley explained to the Huffington Post.

“The series mainly deals directly with sex or sexuality, but there are some episodes about other issues, general neuroses and random human moments in our daily lives.”

Rather than making every single episode a statement about bisexuality, Manley has instead created a show about a sensitive and complex man who just so happens to be bi—thereby aiming to show that a person’s sexual orientation is just one facet of who they are.

Tim, who collaborated with filmmaker Naje Lataillade on “The Feels”, said: “Our original intention was to make a live-action comic strip, a daily dose of humanity. Yet, the resulting show may feel rather intimate as it was created in that safe space where you’re allowed to say things you can only say in front of a close friend.”

Manley explained that he wanted to write a character who felt true to him. “I was writing straight from my heart. And it turns out my heart is pretty queer!”

A new episode of “The Feels” has been released every day this month. Watch them all online at the show’s website, or on the show’s YouTube channel.

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