This Agatha Christie Classic Is Coming To Brisbane’s Nash Theatre

Stock photo of typewriter typing the word murder

New Farm community theatre group Nash Theatre group are preparing to stage Agatha Christie’s murder mystery The Unexpected Visitor next month.

Director Sharon White said a lot of the British author’s plays were adapted by other playwrights, but this was one she wrote herself.


“A man stumbles into a study in a remote country house in Wales, and finds a dead body. He also finds a woman, holding a gun,” she said.

“He’s the unexpected guest, and the woman is the wife of the man who’s dead. He decides that he doesn’t want her to get hanged – which would’ve been the punishment at the time – or even put in prison for life.

“He decides to help her concoct a story that someone blundered in from outside who had a grudge against the murdered man, and save her from the hangman’s noose.”

But that’s only the beginning, and like all of Christie’s mysteries the story is filled with twists and turns and numerous suspects.

“I’ve read every book Agatha Christie ever wrote. She’s very clever in the way she pushes suspicion onto almost everybody. She’s so involved in the story,” White said.

“Though I know her work so well, when I read this script it was a surprise to me. And I thought if it could surprise me, then hopefully it’ll surprise the audience.”

The Unexpected Guest is running from July 13 to August 4 at Nash Theatre, located at The Brunswick Room in the Merthyr Road Uniting Church at 52 Merthyr Road in New Farm. For tickets and more information, visit their website.