Things to do before getting sexy after lockdown

Sexy after Lockdown

Is that the smell of pheromones in the air or freshly opened poppers? Lockdowns are ending and borders are opening. Here’s Doc Q’s list for getting sexy after lockdown.

Aussies are dusting off their dildos and making sure their sexy undies are sex-ready. Before you dive into that hot & sticky post-lockdown sex check out my to-do list for your sexual health.

First thing’s first: don’t forget about COVID

When you’re heading out for a date or hookup, check in with your date about COVID. Lockdown is over but COVID ain’t!

You should ask if they are unwell or if they’ve been in contact with any COVID cases. If the answer isn’t the one you were hoping for, just wait until they’re in the clear – it’ll be much better than catching COVID!

And if you haven’t got your vax yet, it’s time to hurry up. With the lockdown over & borders opening, we’re about to get a big influx of COVID cases. This means those who aren’t vaccinated are more likely to be exposed than ever. For example, in the sunshine state experts estimate we might see more COVID cases in Queensland in the first few weeks after borders open than all the cases since March 2020.

Get checked before you pass it on

Before you get yourself back out there, the first step is to make sure you haven’t been spending lockdown with any buddies. And by buddies I mean STIs. A lot of people with STIs don’t have any symptoms. Lockdowns have been great to reduce the spread of COVID but it might be a way to curb the spread of STIs too. The only way we can make sure of this is by getting checked before you get down & dirty.

Sort out your PrEP

If you’ve had a break from PrEP during lockdown it might be time to start up again. But it’s important to make sure you do it right! If you’re a cisgender man who has sex with men and usually take PrEP daily, all you need to do is take two tablets as your first dose. You’ll be ready for action after 2 hours. For everyone else, you’ll need to take it for seven consecutive days before it starts working. Make sure you’ve had your STI & HIV screening before you restart PrEP for good measure!

Be contraception-ready

If you’re having sex that might end in pregnancy, you might also need to check in with your contraception. If we’re heading for a Summer of love, let’s make sure you’re in control! Authorities are expecting in the next few months we’ll not only have a rise in STIs but also unplanned pregnancies. If you’re taking a contraception tablet you might need to be taking it for a while before it starts working. Check with your GP or pharmacist who will give you personalised advice.

Watch out intimacy-anxiety

Finally, you might be ready and raring to get out into a post-lockdown world. Whether that means travelling interstate for Mardi Gras or eating out at your local Indian joint (unless you plan on bottoming later). Prepared to feel some intimacy anxiety. We’ve been learning for so long now, that the best way to stay safe is to stay away from people. So getting intimate might be a trigger for your nerves. Take things slow and make sure you communicate with sexual partners.

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Dr Rhys Young

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