Gay Qld Twins

Twin brothers Jafar Gibbs and Aslam Abdus-samad share parents and a birthday, and they also have another thing in common – they’re both gay.

The two brothers, who grew up in Logan, south of Brisbane, explained one of the benefits of this, with Aslam revealing he has been his brother’s wingman.

“In terms of approaching other people, it’s a lot easier when you’re a twin. You know the concept of a wingman? When you’re a twin, it’s even better, because your wingman knows your selling points. They know you inside out,” he told SBS.

Aslam also says that he and his brother receive more attention when they go out clubbing together.

“When there’s two of you, it’s easier to maintain a person’s affection and to flirt with them. We’ll occasionally play it to our advantage,” he said.

But the two brothers, who are 28 years old, didn’t always have it so easy.

When Aslam came out to a close friend in high school, the news quickly spread and with many people (including Jafar) responding negatively, sending him back into the closet.

Aslam came out with “greater confidence” when he was 18 and Jafar came out to his brother a year after this by coolly holding another guy’s hand as the twins were out having drinks.

Jafar explained: “Aslam asked, ‘Why are you doing that?’, and I said, ‘Because I like guys.’ His response was basically, ‘Oh, okay. Kudos to you. Let’s go dance!’”

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