The World’s funniest logo f-ups

funniest logo

A good logo can prove an enormous asset to a company’s branding and marketing. Just think the Nike tick. However, occasionally logo design goes horribly wrong with hysterical results. We’ve collected some of the world’s funniest logo f-ups in the hope that designers continue to make these same mistakes.

Obviously, it might sometimes be a good idea to run a new design past people with wider pop culture knowledge.

It would appear by the image above that the Swedish property managing company Locum failed to do that.

But then there are other logos where you really wonder just how innocent the designers were. Not to mention, the business owners or executives who signed off on the designs.

Take the logo for Doughboys in Maryland, USA for example.

funniest logo f-ups

And it’s not only phallic designs that go unnoticed during design approvals. While some may see a pair of energetic dancers in the Junior Jazz logo, many more will delight in a shapely pair of breasts.

funniest logo f-ups

But let’s get the phallic f-ups out of the way before moving on to Kama Sutra logo design – how to incorporate different sexual positions in your company branding.

In Poland, cities recently got busy banning rainbow flags and the like because of its pernicious influence on family values. However, the Mont-Sat installers drive round with a Satellite dish sporting a raging hard-on emblazoned on their vehicles.

funniest logo f-ups


Speaking of vehicles, Atherton Car Centre made a similar mistake.

funniest logo f-ups

The Kama Sutra in funniest logo f-ups

But as promised, some lean to more Kama Sutric design. Take Japan’s Kudawara Pharmacy chain. Or, in the second image, if you look long and hard, you will stop seeing a sex act and notice a South American dentist working on a patient’s teeth.

We see a lot of conservatives frothing at the mouth lately over gender issues. They make all sorts of ridiculous claims about irreversible surgery performed on kids etc, but perhaps they saw the Kid’s Exchange. The Apostrophe Protection Society would have a fit over this sign. But rest assured, it should have a space between words and an apostrophe because it is not a place for kids to access sexual reassignment surgery. It’s simply a place where you can trade in unwanted offspring for better-behaved children.

And finally in funniest logo f-ups, if you have trouble with your computer you may want to have the Computer Doctors check out your mouse, or whatever that is pictured in their logo.

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