The Wonderful World Of The Male Nipple

The Wonderful World of the Male Nipple gay nipple cripple

Well, here’s a topic that isn’t chatted about often. But it’s a fact that the more you play with nipples, the bigger they can grow.

The deadly ‘Nipple Cripple’

As young schoolboys, we all suffered the dreaded ‘nipple cripple’. (For those you haven’t, it’s the act of twisting on the nipple very painfully) But how many of you guys still have random strangers lightly touching your nipples to this day in a bar?

Doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, male headlights protruding through your shirt is seemingly an open invitation.

It seems straight men tweak them in greeting or ‘hey’.

Even girls sometimes tweak guys’ erect nipples.

Imagine if guys tweaked random girls’ nipples?

So, I wondered if girls tweak each other’s nipples, and from a random survey of women in some of the local bars, it appears almost hands-down, or should I say ‘off’ – no!

For many guys, it’s an erogenous zone.

Straight girls have worked out their boyfriends love having them played with, while we gay guys were on to that for a while.

Nipple rings add to their sensitivity but do erect nipples mean someone’s excited? Not necessarily.

They may just be cold or the effect of the sun beating on it or rubbing clothes or…

Hmmm, does the size of your areola (look it up) have a bearing on whether nipples are more sensitive?

Not really; it’s not the size that matters; it’s the nerve endings that count.

Talking about size, the more you play with nipples, the bigger they can grow.

In fact, they can grow as much as 2 cm! People who use clothespins know this, in their quest to get to that edge between pain and extreme pleasure.

Here’s some more male nipple fodder that will add to your conversations…

  • Men have nipples because when we’re conceived, we don’t have a gender. Your nipples came before your penis.
  • Some guys talk about the size of their nipples- (usually when drunk). ‘Did you see Todd’s nipples? They’re smaller than a 5-cent piece’; anything bigger than a 20-cent piece on a guy may mean a T-shirt at the beach.
  • Joggers’ nipples can affect the way they run – Some men get nipple chaffing, the worst type of chaff known to man. Perhaps, this is why there are so many shirtless marathon runners.
  • It really hurts to get your nipples waxed.
  • Guys care what their boobs look like too.
  • In some cases of extreme stress, men can lactate too!
  • Nipple tassels are not cool on dudes.
  • Some men have a third nipple! 12.5% of people have a third nipple; supposedly, Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark) is one of them.
  • Some men have inverted nipples. If you lived in the Middle Ages and had a third nipple, you were considered a witch and burned at the stake. The third nipple was what the devil or an imp would use to suck the blood out of the witch (obviously).
  • Some areolas are hairy – even women’s.

Wait, there is more to the Male Nipple!

  • Just because they’re erect, doesn’t mean we’re aroused. Nipples can become hard due to sexual stimulation, but they can also harden due to cold temperatures.
  • Some martial arts fighters grab their own nipples before their match to taunt their opponents.
  • Showing some nip at the gym is terrible etiquette. In some gyms, it’s considered extremely rude to have nipples show while you’re working out.
  • The distance between men’s nipples is 27.9 centimeters – Don’t believe everything on the Internet.
  • Mammillaphobia is the fear of nipples.
  • Male rats and mice have hormones that suppress nipple growth.
  • During puberty, males’ nipples sometimes grow – Some guys have enough estrogen flowing through them, that their nipples become puffy and female-like. This chemical imbalance eventually evens out.
  • Take care of your nipples – Men can get breast cancer too. If you have a persistent itch or pain, or just aren’t comfortable with your nipples. consult your doctor immediately!
  • Most men like their nipples played with.

So why do random people touch male headlights? Your guess is as good as mine.

Why Do Men Even Have Nipples?

Virtually all individuals possess nipples, regardless of their gender identity, whether they are transgender or cisgender, and irrespective of their chest size – whether it be a person with ample breasts or a more flat chest.

However, nipples appear to have a more intuitive connection with individuals who have the potential for breastfeeding, don’t they?

It’s evident that the nipples commonly referred to as “female nipples,” akin to those found on cisgender women, have a functional purpose.

Yet, what about male nipples? These are typically present in cisgender men.

The explanation, for the most part, is quite straightforward. Nipples develop in the womb prior to the point at which embryos acquire distinct male or female characteristics.

Consequently, by the time a Y chromosome initiates the process of identifying a fetus as male, the nipples have already established their position.



Ah… The Wonderful World of the Male Nipple.

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  1. Brian K Parmley
    13 August 2021

    Can I make my nipples more sensitive? if so how?

    • Mac
      7 August 2022

      Yes, you can. Start slow with nipple suction cups if you have flat nipples. Use regularly nipple clamps that are adjustable to your comfort. I put them on for 30 minutes at a time. Larger and more sensitive too.

  2. David Gibson
    21 February 2022


  3. Michael
    4 January 2023

    I feel the Front set of Headlights on another Gentleman , can be the most Inviting M Rated perv! Especially in a sleeveless singlet, on an 18-20 something, swoonsome sweetheart. Whom could be quite generous {if you are quick yet discreet}, when he leans forward enough at the ACO checkouts to eXpose a tasty [innocent] treat of not only one of his pretty bumps, but also that Lake of Luscious {Button Disc of skin}, surrounding them. Makes you instantly envious, of every item in his wardrobe that will be blessed with brushing up against them, for their whole Lifetime!

    • GArY
      21 October 2023

      Same here. Then again as I pass by random males, I’m first not looking down to his crotch as everyone else, but on his chest. Wearing sunglasses helps because looking forward, they can’t see where your eyes are looking.

  4. SteveL
    12 December 2023

    The round areola is it on mine is quite small, but the nipples in the middle stick out about 5mm on both. People seem to like them, but I don’t. Hot or cold, winter or summer, they are the same. I’ve never pinched them with pegs. I don’t want them. Take them away!

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