The Women of Brisbane’s Rainbow Hub

women of brisbane's rainbow hub

The Rainbow Hub is a free space to support and empower international LGBTQI students and friends in Brisbane.  Previously, we placed some of the men from Rainbow Hub on our QN Magazine cover. This time, in issue 482, we spoke to and pictured some of the women of Brisbane’s Rainbow Hub, four beautiful Brazilians. The women told us  about their experiences in Australia.

Nickoly Oliveira

women of brisbane's rainbow hub

Nickoly comes from a little town called Americana in the estate of São Paulo.

She’s in Australia studying a Diploma of Project Management at Australian Pacific College.

Identifying as a lesbian, she loves that in Brisbane she can hold hands with her partner, free of any fear.

“There’s nothing that beats it,” she said.

“It’s difficult to arrive in a country where you don’t know anything and anyone. Rainbow Hub was one of the first things I knew, and I’m totally glad for this.

“I felt at home for the first time, and even more not feeling alone anymore.

“I knew I would have people who care about me.

“Rainbow Hub means to me family, who are always there to support, care, look after me and who will love you no matter what.”

Maiara Lourenco

women of brisbane's rainbow hub

Maiara studies General English at Navitas English.

As a lesbian woman, Maiara thinks queer spaces are essential in this crazy world.

“Every place needs to have a safe space as the world is still not great and peaceful to live with someone you love who is the same gender or transgender.

“The world has been changing to be better, but still homophobia and racism lives.

“When I came to Australia in my second week I got to school, and the manager of the school asked new students ’Does anybody know what Rainbow Hub is?’

“I said, ‘Yes. It’s an LGBTQI group and a safe space’ and now it is an important part of my life and a great experience that I never imagined existed in Australia.”

Caroline Monteiro

rainbow hub

Another lesbian women from São Paulo, Caroline studies accounting at Australian Pacific College.

She finds Brisbane a safe place for queer people.

“Fortunately, I didn’t have any big issues related to my sexuality. I’ve always knew that my family would support me.

“But I reckon it’s important to have this space for those that didn’t have the same luck as me so they can see that they’re not alone. We are not alone.

“I feel like we appreciate the little things more than some.

“What I’m trying to say is that, at least in Brazil, sometimes, just holding hands can be a risky move. And when we don’t have to be scared about holding hands, we just appreciate these little demonstrations of love.”

Nordelia Silva

women of brisbane's rainbow hub

Nordelia studies a Certificate III in Business at IH Brisbane. As a lesbian woman, she finds Brisbane amazing.

“Though we know there are homophobic people everywhere, I feel respected here.

“Some people struggle their whole life because they can’t even be themselves in their own home. So, it’s wonderful having safe spaces to know we’re not alone.

“Knowing that we are not alone is the best part of being queer. There are many people like us everywhere. We are strong. We are creative and the world cannot deny it. Being gay is basically an art itself.

“I love the Rainbow Hub. It is an idea that came out of a genuine desire to help and support international students. Somewhere to meet people, learn and teach, listen and are heard.”

Check out the Rainbow Hub here.

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