The Wiggles recruit a non-binary unicorn and Lyle Shelton is super cranky

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Earlier this week Australian children’s entertainers, The Wiggles, announced their new line up and Lyle Shelton is cranky. 

As well as adding four new members to the group, they’ve added a non-binary unicorn.

In sh0cking news, Lyle Shelton is not happy.

Not one for missing an opportunity to rain on someone else’s parade, Lyle Shelton is on the war path.

Known for his colourful anti LGBTIQ opinions, Lyle has jumped at the opportunity to attack the beloved children’s group.

Four new members join The Wiggles

Whilst the likes of Lyle Shelton have been busy throwing tantrums this week, many have been celebrating the new lineup of The Wiggles. 

The additional cast members are a positive nod to diversity and inclusion for the group.

Now totalling eight cast members the new additions include three more women, with all four performers representing differing culturally diverse backgrounds.

Evie becomes the first Indigenous Wiggle, whilst fifteen year old Tsehay was originally born in Ethiopia.

Former member of pop group Justice Crew John is of Filipino heritage and skater girl Kelly is a Chinese-Autralian.

Rounding out the inclusive group is the yellow unicorn, Shirley Shawn.

The Wiggles are now indoctrinating children”

Lyle Shelton is more commonly known for his role with the Australian Christian Lobby and the “No” campaign during the marriage equality postal vote.

The group which purportedly lobbies the government under the guise of christian values became most infamous in 2011 for attacking the RipnRoll campaign.

Shelton, now a member of the Christian Democratic Party is set to replace Fred Nile in NSW parliament in November.

It’s not uncommon for Lyle and his followers to be upset with issues such as these.

His website boasts stories such as “LGBTIQA+ drag queen teaching children to twerk was gateway to dildo flashing rainbow butt monkey.”

Yes, that’s a direct quote.

It was no surprise this week that his latest work “Woke Wiggles induct children into LGBTIQA+ gender fluidity” was up to his usual standard.

Citing issues with Shirley holding a rainbow umbrella Lyle has a list of concerns about what Shirley will be teaching on the program.

Among these concerns he says the rainbow will mean the show “teaches children gender is fluid, mothers are to now be referred as “birth parents” and that breast feeding must be replaced by “chest feeding.”

Calling on the public to join him in his concerns he’s even gone on to create a petition to remove Shirley. So far it has amassed a whopping 1824 signatures.

Whilst Lyle and a select few of his followers continue to be upset, Australian comedian Em Rusciano found the perfect words to sum up the situation.

Who is Shirley Shawn the Unicorn?

Perhaps the most interesting part of the whole debacle appears to be the actual acknowledgement of the gender of Shirley.

Despite founding member of the group Anthony Field making a statement about inclusivity, there is no direction mention of Shirley and their non-binary identity.

“As society has evolved, we have embraced the need for diversity and inclusiveness and want children all over the world to see themselves reflected on the screen.” He said.

In fact Shirley has appeared as part of The Wiggles as far back as two years ago.

At the time Shirley was referred to as both she and her.

In her name sake song, as Shelton points out, Shirley sings under a rainbow umbrella.

This would come as no surprise to anyone under ten that a unicorn might enjoy dancing under a rainbow.

Shirley’s pronouns appeared to have changed however, as far back as June.

In a song released in June 2021 the cast introduce Shirley again, simply referring to the character as they and them.

There is no mention of non-binary, gender fluidity or rainbow ideology. Nor do any statements from The Wiggles appear to directly address these issues either.

If anything the queerest thing about Shirley is their vocabulary.

The only word they say is “Scrumptious.”

Take a look at what all the fuss is about yourself in The Wiggles online video below.

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  1. Peter Turner
    26 August 2021

    I would like to place Lyle Shelton, Margaret Court and Israel Folau in a cage at a zoo and allow all the patrons to see what, thankfully, a critically endangered human being looks like. These morons are given way too much air time and their opinions are NOT shared by the vast majority of Australians.

    • Jade
      27 August 2021

      Blame the media for giving them too much air time. Australia has forgotten what it takes to report real news. It’s all scandals and lies these days.

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