The Scomophobe: Deves campaign run out of PM’s office

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The SMH yesterday reported that the Katherine Deves campaign is run out of the Prime Minister’s office. Of course, the office of the scomophobe denied it.

However, former John Howard media advisor and respected political reporter, Nike Savva, stood by her report.

Niki Savva also described the recent ‘carefully stage-managed retraction’ by Deves on Sky News as a deliberate set-up. A senior Liberal described the retraction as designed to resuscitate the issue so Morrison could talk about it.

Scott Morrison personally chose Katherine Deves as his captain’s pick to contest Warringah for the Liberals. While the single-issue anti-trans candidate stands no chance of taking the seat, Morrison hopes she will win him votes elsewhere.

Triggered by Rainbow Flag

In since-deleted Tweets, Deves said the rainbow flag triggered her and described trans kids as ‘mutilated’.

Niki Savva described the Liberal leader’s political strategy as either deeply flawed or a masterstroke.

“It is cruel and reprehensible that such a sensitive matter, with the potential to cause grievous harm to vulnerable people, has been planted in the middle of an election campaign by a flailing, floundering prime minister.”

According to Niki Savva’s article, senior Liberals finally recognise something that QNews reported on the day the Libs endorsed Katherine Deves. 

“They accused Morrison of abandoning progressive Liberals and using Deves to chase conservative Christians or people of other faiths.”

What a surprise, not. It’s what the scomophobe does. He did it in 2017 over same-sex marriage and again in 2019 in support of Israel Folau.

Niki Savva quoted a former Liberal MP on Morrison’s election strategy.

It “not only amounted to deliberately sacrificing moderates but of actively working against fellow Liberals ideologically opposed to him, whom he disliked.”

Plea to save Libs from themselves

Ironically, on the same day as Niki Savva’s report, the NSW Liberal Premier and Treasurer both begged voters to spare Liberal moderates for the sake of the party.


In James Sanford’s 1573 Garden of Pleasure, he recorded various proverbs and ‘the witty sayings of noble princes and learned philosophers’.

One is very striking.

“He that goeth to bedde wyth Dogges, aryseth with fleas.”

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  1. Peter Turner
    16 May 2022

    Are we really surprised?

    Scummo has really plunged to a new low with this revelation.

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