The Rise of ‘Scrotox’: Would You Get Botox On Your Scrotum?

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There’s a bizarre new plastic surgery trend reportedly being embraced by men – “scrotox”.

UK website Metro reported that inquiries about the procedure – an injection of Botox into your scrotum – are on the rise.

The procedure typically costs the owner of the scrotum up to $4,700 and supposedly helps ease sweating, lessens the appearance of wrinkles and makes the scrotum appear larger by helping the muscles relax.

Mark Norfolk, clinical director at UK cosmetic surgery clinic Transform, told several tabloids that they’ve seen a huge rise in the number of patients asking about the procedure.

“Over the past year, requests for scrotum Botox have doubled at Transform, showing the huge demand and interest for this procedure,” he said.

He said his clinic doesn’t offer the procedure “due to the possible risks and complications associated with treating this part of the body.”

Californian clinic Wirth Plastic Surgery told Metro that “many cyclists and runners love getting the Botox in this area to relieve them from skin irritations caused from excess sweating and rubbing.”

But Mr Norfolk questioned claims that it would somehow fix wrinkly skin down there, and said anyone interested in the bizarre procedure should do their homework.

“Patients should manage their expectations in terms of results, it could prove very costly and nervy racking to go through, for very little in return,” he said.

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