QNews coverboy Fadi Fawaz and the superstar

QNews coverboy George Michael Fadi Fawaz Issac Mazar

In a bizarre twist of fate, our March 2003 magazine featured two men, strangers to each other and oceans apart. Nevertheless, a few years later George Michael and QNews coverboy Fadi Fawaz aka Isaac Mazar made headlines for their relationship.

Our March 203 cover model, Fadi Fawaz grew up in Logan. His Mum still lives there in the family home.


A hairstylist by trade, 26-year-old Fadi told QNews his ultimate holiday destination was Paris and his favourite partner would be honest, caring and loving.

When asked about his favourite movie, the sometimes male model told us, “I haven’t been in it yet.”

Not long after his cover shoot Fadi Fawaz moved to Sydney where he also worked as a photographic model, featured in Blue, a prestige male photographic magazine of the time.

Isaac Mazar

He later moved to London. And he got to be in a movie — several movies.

They were not the sort of movies we can show uncensored images from in a lovely family magazine like this.

Fadi Fawaz George Michael Isaac Mazar

Anyway, rather than go on at length about the matter, fans might Google image search the name ‘Isaac Mazar’.

Those wishing to plunge in deeper will know to search various ‘hub’ or ‘tube’ sites.

Also, in the March 2003 issue, we ran an article on George Michael’s upcoming release. The gay pop star recorded a cover version of Don McLean’s ‘The Grave’ to protest the war in Iraq.

In London, between hairdressing, modelling and doing the other odd jobs young gay men take on during trips abroad, Fadi Fawaz hooked up with George Michael.

Fadi Fawaz George Michael Issac Mazar

George Michael’s death

The pair dated up until the time of Michael’s death in 2016.


Fadi, who discovered the singer’s body, was left nothing in the pop star’s £97.6million will and has remained defiantly in the singer’s London home.

Recent reports indicate Michael’s family are attempting to evict him and that former QNews coverboy Fadi intends contesting the will.

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