The political farewell speeches – and we’ve only just begun

Political Farewells

Strange days are these. The prime ministerial limousine idles in the Lodge driveway while Scott Morrison waits for the least worst day to call an election. Meanwhile, the political farewells have already begun.

So far, we’ve heard valedictory speeches from three politicians the LGBTIQ+ communities won’t be sad to see the back of. Most memorably, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, followed by Christian Porter and then George Christensen. They all gave — hopefully — their final parliamentary orations.

It’s not time for Pauline Hanson to bid her goodbye (yet). But that never stopped her leaping into the fray to echo Senator Connie’s scathing criticism of the PM. Anything for a headline with an election looming.

Senator Fierravanti-Wells

Delicious as many found Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ speech — too little too late. If she was aware of corruption why did she sit quietly until her own career was over? If she thought Morrison unfit to be Prime Minister, why did she not say so before?

Reminiscent perhaps of the Trump lackeys who only found, to use the senator’s term, their ‘moral compass’ once their own snouts were out of the trough.

Fierravanti-Wells, by the way, voted against marriage equality in the Senate following the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

George Christensen

Speaking of Trump, let’s move on to his fan, the so-called Member for Manilla. The politician who spent more days in the Philippines in one memorable year than in Parliament. Australian newspapers reported that the professed Christian was, at the time, a regular at a local adult entertainment venue. The Australian Federal Police did not find evidence of illegality but were concerned the politician risked being compromised.

In his farewell speech, Christensen ranted about welcome-to-country ceremonies, woke corporations and globalist elites. Everything you’d expect from a man who seeks validation from anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists worldwide.

Ta ta George, Don’t hurry back.

On Marriage Equality, rather than voting to reflect the majority verdict in his electorate, Christensen absented himself from the House of Representatives during the vote.

Christian Porter

Porter, who as Attorney-General took two unsuccessful cracks at drafting a Religious Privilege Bill, complained in his farewell speech about Australia’s supposed ‘preoccupation with the identity politics of every imaginable boutique type’.

‘Every imaginable boutique type’ would seem code for minorities.

“The things that have made us privileged – free speech, due process, free association – are too regularly … tossed aside.”

He gave the game away with the word ‘privileges’. Because in Australia free speech, due process and free association have traditionally only been enjoyed by the privileged. And how those privileged have screamed as they’ve lost some of their entitlement.

We saw it with marriage equality. The argument that: ‘If we give them this, then they’ll want more’. The constant refrain since that no other LGBTIQ+ reform should be considered because: ‘We let them get married. Why don’t they piss off and shut up?’

It’s extraordinary to watch the entitled and privileged claiming that universal free speech, due process and free association would, in effect, discriminate against their god-fearing selves.

Porter voted in Parliament to support marriage equality to reflect the support for it in his electorate.  He previously campaigned against the reform on the basis of ‘family values‘.

😮‍💨 Excuse me.

Pauline Hanson

Hanson will actually contest the upcoming election but warrants mention for her response to Senator Fierravanti-Wells’ political farewell speech.

Hanson has a tough election fight ahead. To regain her Senate seat at the May election will require getting more votes than the Liberal’s Amanda Stocker, the UAP’s Clive Palmer and former Queensland Premier Campbell Newman.

What a list. But at least we know only one of them can hope to win.

And by the look of it, we can expect many more political farewells in the coming months. Go on Eric, do it. You deserve a rest. Or at least, we do.

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