The Northman: Naked sword fight on a volcano with CG dicks

The Northman naked sword fight
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With The Northman now playing in cinemas, the publicity has amped up for the naked sword fight on a volcano scene. But director and co-writer Robert Eggers has now let on that the actors wore thongs during the sword fight for health and safety reasons. However, a full-body scan was taken of Alexander Skarsgård in order to digitally restore his penis to the scene. A true to life digital prosthetic dick.

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Hung like a Norse

Of course, Alexander Skarsgård previously demonstrated he’s hung like a Norse. In fact, his full-frontal scene in the True Blood Season Six finale inspired numerous memes. The Swedish actor was filmed reading a book naked on a snow-capped mountain top for that scene. So, what else is left to do after that but fight naked atop a live volcano?

The Northman features Skarsgård as a young prince forced into a lifelong quest of vengeance against an uncle who kills his father and seizes his kingdom. The saga culminates with the two Vikings facing off naked in the now-notorious naked sword fight. Director Eggers explained that the actors wore thongs to avoid injury. However, they did not cover their heads for the scene. Obviously, they thought they could get by without those, but not their dicks.

No one wanted to get their bits chopped off

“If it’s not a Viking raid of a village with hundreds of extras of stuntmen, horses, cows, chickens, geese, children, then it was a storm at sea at night on a Viking ship or a naked sword fight on a volcano. I mean, there was nothing easy about making this movie. It was only hard… We actually had to add things digitally because they were wearing thongs because no one wanted to get their bits chopped off. So, we actually had to add some CG genitals for certain shots so that they didn’t look too Ken doll-ish. You’ve got to make it look real, so I’m sure we did some full-body scans of [Skarsgård]. They’re out there.”

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