The Naked Magicians return to say goodbye, for now…

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Iconic Brisbane duo The Naked Magicians will next week return to Brisbane as they begin the swan song of the current iteration of their internationally acclaimed cheeky magic show.

Originating as an idea that was something fun and different, a unique way to do magic, has seen The Naked Magicians take on a life of its own.

If you haven’t seen The Naked Magicians you’re missing out and your last chance is fast approaching.

Their sixty minute show is a mixture of laugh out loud comedy moments, jaw dropping moments of genuine magic and just the right amount of cheeky fun.

The journey of The Naked Magicians

Show creators Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler never imagined that their two man show would take them around the world.

However from their first show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival in 2014 it was clear these two Brisbane boys were onto a good thing as audiences lapped up their cheeky fun.

From there things grew faster than they could have imagined as the show went from Brisbane and began to tour the country. In just a few short years the naked duo had taken the comedy and the magic scene by storm.

Pouring their blood sweat and tears into the show, the boys spent all their energy on taking it to the next level.

After years of phone calls and emails chasing their dream, the boys hope of headlining a show in Las Vegas was finally within reach. Their hard work was paying off.

“I don’t believe in chance or luck” Said Wayne.

“We had a genuinely unique show that was original but also paired with a work ethic that we’ve held onto every single day that helped get us where we wanted to go” he recalls.

Fast forward to 2019 and the boys from Brisbane were performing pants down to audiences every night in their very own headline show in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Casino. The home of David Copperfield and Lady Gaga at the time.

“It was just a dream up until it happened and then I felt like I was dreaming. Every single night I felt like I was dreaming when I walked onto that stage.”

Sadly all good things must come to an end and after a stellar run of 100 consecutive performances in Las Vegas the boys packed up to return home.

A sombre return to Australia

However like the rest of the world nothing could prepare them for the shock that would come shortly after their return as Covid-19 took hold of the world.

Upon their return they had planned another Australian tour, however this was not to be as the tour was cancelled not once but twice.

In total Christopher and Mike were forced to cancel over 20 performances of The Naked Magicians in Australia.

“Thanks to Covid we haven’t performed since March of 2020. Alongside the rest of the entertainment industry we’ve been waiting our turn to safely get back on stage again.” A passionate frustration Christopher and Mike share with the rest of the entertainment industry in Australia.

In the meantime, the boys had to find something to do.

Not content with sitting still Christopher Wayne set his sights on his second passion, producing theatre.

Putting his skills of working behind the scenes to the test, he set about producing a number of shows in the last 12 moths.

Amongst his credits are the hilarious Two Man Tarantino which is set to tour Australia in 2022.

Add to this an appearance on the 2021 season of Big Brother and Christopher Wayne is fast becoming a household name.

Christopher and Mike say farewell and prepare to recast the show

Next week signals the beginning of the end of Christopher and Mikes time on stage as The Naked Magicians.

But that doesn’t mean it’s curtains for this iconic show.

After their final tour of the show that saw them travel the world and become household names the boys will be hanging up their hats and putting their pants back on.

Beginning at the Brisbane Comedy Festival before heading to Townsville, Sunshine Coast and Redcliffe it’s a very local goodbye for the duo.

However it’s not goodbye for the show.

As Christopher and Mike step down from the spotlight so begins the next phase of the show as they set about sourcing performers to replace them.

The show itself will live on, but will be helmed by two new performers who are yet to selected. So begins the next challenge for the boys.

“We’ve got this impossible task before us where we have to find two guys who have great stage presence, can do magic and look good with their clothes off, so it’s a very difficult casting process!” said Christopher as he prepares for their final shows next week.

“We’re so excited that we get to hand the baton off to two other entertainers in Australia and give them their chance to shine.” It’s a task that is both daunting and bittersweet for him.

However the new dawn of The Naked Magicians will allow fresh talent for the show but also new opportunities for both Christopher and Mike in the near future.

What’s in store for them next, is anyones guess.

Don’t miss your last chance to see Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler as The Naked Magicians, tickets available below.

The Brisbane Comedy Festival at The Tivoli July 29th – 8th of August
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Watch The Naked Magicians as they catch up with internet comedy icon Christian Hull ahead of the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

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