The Masked Singer: Are Grim Reaper & Cowgirl family?

the masked singer grim reaper cowgirl

The Masked Singer has returned to television screens across this wide, brown land. And queer viewers from coast to coast ask themselves, ‘Are Grim Reaper and Cowgirl family?’

Here at QNews, we say YES. (Spoilers ahead.)

To be honest, when I first caught a glimpse of The Masked Singer ‘contestants’ on social media, I thought someone at last gave Furries the platform their costuming talent deserves. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

But no.

It’s just another TV talent quest.

I realised that when I glimpsed Mel B on the judging panel. As any cooker can tell you, the first cog in the New World Order is installing the artist formerly known as Scary Spice into every TV talent quest. But first, the secret mission to destroy all evidence of her blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tour of duty on Queen of the Universe.

So anyway, after the Masked Newsreader and the Masked Tug-at-the-Heartstrings, who are our family members this year?

It used to be so easy to find out who were under the masks. Just look at who was trending on Twitter. But trending on X today is Dan Andrews and the knob about to be sacked as Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs. It’s unlikely either of them are the Space Fairy.

Grim Reaper

Despite the judges trying to muddy the River Styxx with silly suggestions, social media is unanimous. Only one Aussie can sing like that. The Grim Reaper is Darren Hayes.

As @jomc said on X, “The best voice in the industry… Would know it anywhere.”


They don’t give up. Do these judges really think they can throw glitter in our eyes with suggestions like Jessica Simpson?

It’s difficult to argue with the commenter on X who suggested a visually-impaired Bride of Christ could identify the Cowgirl as Courtney Act.


The Reality TV QUEEN!

But on top of that, the show itself asks, “Is Cowgirl the Reality TV Queen?”

Past Masked Singers:

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Fans identify Dragon in Masked Singer UK.

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