Here’s 18 of the queerest creators who raised us

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Coming out is never easy, but these queer creators have reminded us we’re not alone. 

Below is a list of queer creators whose bravery and ability to be unapologetically who they are helped pave the way for young people and teens around the world to do the same.

Also, they’re all so wholesome.

I can’t even.

Scroll down to see some of Youtube’s queerest creators talking all things LGBTIQ.


Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is queer YouTube royalty.

He’s been uploading content for twelve years and his popularity has skyrocketed.

He’s even been able to appear on shows like Ellen and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

And more recently, he appeared as a contestant on The Amazing Race. Twice!

But more than that, Tyler has been pretty open about his sexuality from the get-go.

He’s provided a safe space for young LGBTIQ people to feel accepted and loved.

Growing up, we’re grateful to have had him.

Andrea Russett

Andrea has been uploading to Youtube for eleven years.

She blew up when she uploaded a music video for a competition to meet Justin Bieber.

But more recently, she came out as bisexual.

The revelation appeared on both Twitter and Instagram back in 2018 after she had a falling out with her best friend Sandra.

Andrea updates her audience about her queerness regularly, making her an important icon for LGBTIQ youth.

Dan and Phil

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been watching Dan Howell and Phil Lester since highschool.

They have separate Youtube channels, but the pair have been coupled together for majority of their online careers.

They even have a joint Youtube account, podcast and have released a book together.

Fans speculated over the years the pair were gay but it wasn’t really confirmed until last year.

Dan uploaded the video below, detailing the in’s and out’s of his sexuality.

Shortly after, Phil uploaded a video to his own channel, coming out as queer. But duh! We knew that and we’re so pleased!

James Charles

The world has known James Charles was queer from his introduction to the world about four years ago.

He made headlines back in 2016 when at seventeen, he became the first male face of Covergirl.

But his new-found fame didn’t come easily and he’s since faced his fair share of controversy.

A few years ago he made an insensitive comment about the Ebola virus.

And last year, he was in the headlines again for comments made by his former friend Tati Westbrook.

Controversies aside though, James has paved the way for young queer kids seeking an outlet to be themselves. We commend him for that.

Nikkie De Jager

Nikkie joined Youtube back in 2008 and has a total of over 1.2 billion views!

Her channel consists of mainly make-up videos but earlier in the year Nikkie got personal with her fans.

She came out as transgender — a fact which was unknown to her subscribers.

The beauty guru said the revelation came after she received threats of blackmail from people in the community.

But she took it in her stride and told audiences of her excitement to live authentically queer alongside them.

Throughout her career, Nikkie has released her own makeup line and collaborated with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Meghan Trainor.

Keep kicking goals, Nikkie. We’re here for it!

Sam Tsui

Sam Tsui has the voice of an angel.

He blew up on Youtube in the early 2010s when he started covering hit songs.

But while viewers speculated, Sam managed to keep his sexuality obscure.

It wasn’t until he uploaded the video above in 2016, subscribers were even sure he was queer.

Now, Sam has a huge following of over three million subscribers and has been creating his own original music.

He’s flourishing and we’re loving it.

Tania Safi

Tania is a queer Australian icon.

She was brought to audiences attention as a member of the Buzzfeed team.

But more than that, Tania is an advocate for queer rights and visibility around the world.

She has appeared in several videos discussing sexuality and more recently was asked to be a member of an all-female Mardi Gras panel.

But she pulled out after discovering she would be sharing the stage with a self-confessed transpobe.

You go Tania. Thanks for being the voice the queer community needs.

Shane Dawson

I cried when Shane uploaded this emotional coming-out video back in 2015.

Before the upload, Shane had a huge presence on YouTube, even starring in his own film.

But this video here, for many young people, was one of the most important.

It exposed them to bisexuality and opened them up to an honest conversation about it.

Shane has since fully embraced his sexuality and is engaged to fellow creator Ryland Adams.

He has also collaborated with make-up giant Jeffree Star on his own make-up line. It sold out worldwide.

Eugene Lee Yang

Audiences suspected Eugene was gay for a long time, but it wasn’t specifically confirmed until he released this video.

It’s an emotional one, showing Eugene coming to terms with and embracing his sexuality.

Something more wholesome is Eugene’s position with Buzzfeeds the Try Guys.

It’s a group of four men who attempt new experiences together.

But, I don’t know. There’s something so beautiful about three cis-straight men accepting a gay one as a friend and colleague.

It warms my heart. Here’s to being queer!

Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque is one of the smaller creators on this list but she has been uploading content to Youtube for about a decade.

A transgender, black woman, Kat is an integral part of the queer Youtube community.

Many of her videos tackle race, gender and other social issues.

She has also appeared on other creator’s channels to raise awareness about all things transgender.

The world needs more people like Kat Blaque. We’re lucky to have her.

Michael Finch

Australia’s very own Michael Finch has been a queer icon for several years.

Mostly a beauty blogger, Michael also discusses his social life and being queer.

He’s only 23 and has a following of just under one million subscribers.

Besides Youtube, Michael also uploads hilarious videos to Tiktok.

He’s also has a huge Instagram following where he posts pictures of his everyday life.

Boys in make-up? Yes, queen. Get it.

Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart has been a successful Youtuber since 2011.

Her web series My Drunk Kitchen consists of Hannah getting drunk and cooking food on camera.

Since its beginning though, Hannah’s career has flourished.

She is now a renowned comedian and actress, and a published author.

She even wrote a parody cookbook which spent five weeks as a New York Times bestseller.

Then, in 2018 she got engaged to her girlfriend Ella Mielnicznko — the executive producer of Buzzfeed.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a household name, but back in 2013, he was making Youtube videos in his bedroom.

He would use his platform to sing and to talk about social issues.

Now, he’s pretty much using the same channel for the same thing. But obviously on a much broader scale.

His music videos often show same-sex couples and romance, giving homosexuality a place to bloom. (Hehe, get it?)

He’s even tried his go at acting, performing alongside Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges in Boy Erased.

Currently, his Youtube channel is one of the most subscribed in Australia with over seven million viewers.

Ricky Dillon

Ricky Dillon joined Youtube back in 2009 and has since racked up over three million subscribers.

He made headlines back in 2016 when he came out as asexual.

The video above, however, explains his sexuality in more detail, saying as he’s gotten older, his sexuality has flourished.

Ricky is a gay icon though, and owner to one of the campiest Instagram’s I have ever seen.

He has also released loads of music over the years and is friends with Miss Trixie Mattel.

If that isn’t queer enough for you, Ricky even has a pet pig named Luna that has her own Youtube and Instagram accounts!

Lilly Singh

Lilly has been on Youtube since 2010 and it has exploded her career.

She has appeared on red carpets, talk shows and now she even has her own late-night program!

Fans were excited last year when the Youtuber turned author came out as bisexual on Twitter.

I low-key knew it to be honest, but you’ve got to give her props for doing that. Coming out is tricky and she slayed the game!

Since rising to fame, Lilly has toured the world, moved from her hometown in Canada, and released music.

This queer queen is winning at life.

Jeffree Star

Okay, so I had to include Jeffree in this one.

The guy is queer AF and self-made, honey.

In his videos, Jeffree gets candid with his viewers talking about times he would perform sexual acts for money.

But now, the guy is a make-up giant and he lives in a damn mansion.

His brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a multi-million dollar organisation.

Not bad for a guy who could barely make rent a decade ago.

Todrick Hall

Todrick is a badass queer and we love it.

He can sing, dance, act, and ooh baby is one sassy queen.

He started on Youtube several years ago and has since become a household name.

Todrick has appeared as a judge and choreographer on Rupaul’s Drag Race and managed to tour around the world.

The multidisciplinary has also acted on Broadway in stage shows such as Waitress and Chicago.

He’s even released his own documentary.

Much of Todrick’s music centres around being queer and often we see him dressed in drag for his music videos.

How did we go? Did we name some of your favourite queer creators?

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