The fall and fall of Anti-Marriage Equality Pollies

Anti-Marriage Equality Pollies

Stuart Robert’s astonishing performance at the Robodebt Royal Commission this week reminded me of his 2017 vote against Marriage Equality. Where are they now, I thought, of the Anti-Marriage Equality pollies who voted no against the express wishes of the Australian electorate?

Far-right politicians traditionally enjoy a remarkable ability to fail upward. No matter what terrible lies they tell or what monumental blunders they preside over, they rise and rise. But they all come crashing down in the end.

Let’s check out this mob.

The no-voting anti-marriage equality pollies

Bob Katter (Independent)

He’s still Bob Katter. Nuff said really.

Russell Broadbent (Liberal)

Broadbent is one of the few opposition MPs forcibly advocating for the Voice to Parliament, so I’ll give him a pass today. Good to see he’s not on the wrong side of everything.

Keith Pitt (National)

Rarely heard from. Not necessarily a bad thing.

David Littleproud (National)

Installed as Nationals leader in an Anyone-but-Barnaby vote following the coalition’s 2022 election defeat. Despite his defence of ‘traditional marriage’, his own ended two years after the Marriage Equality vote.

The abstaining anti-marriage equality pollies

Barnaby Joyce (National)

Around the time of the Marriage Equality vote, Australians learned that Barnaby Joyce conducted an extra-marital affair simultaneous with campaigning for ‘traditional marriage’. Last heard of whining loudly about the Prime Minister marching in the 2023 Mardi Gras parade.

Tony Abbott (Liberal)

You’d think losing his own seat at the 2019 federal election would have chastened him. But no, one of the worst Prime Ministers in Australian history still thinks people care what he has to say.

Andrew Hastie (Liberal)

Shadow Minister for Defence and rather quiet for a member of the Dutton opposition. I suppose it’s no secret Dutton can’t last.

Michael Sukkar (Liberal)

After initially declaring he would follow the outcome of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, Sukkar abstained from the vote despite his electorate voting 66% in favour.

Well, there you have it.

As an Assistant Minister, he also intervened to exclude questions about gender and sexuality from the 2021 Australian census.

Kevin Andrews (Liberal)

Gone, and quickly forgotten.

Scott Morrison (Liberal)

Lordy, lordy me. Still an MP but may as well be holidaying in Hawaii. It took half a century but someone finally toppled Billy McMahon from his position as Australia’s worst PM.

George Christensen (LNP)

The ‘devout Christian’ better known as the ‘Member for Manila’, spent more days in the Philippines than in Parliament in the year of the Marriage Equality vote. Christensen lost his bid for election as a One Nation Senator in the 2023 election. His website currently advertises ‘Pro-freedom merchandise is coming soon!’ So’s Christmas, George.

Rick Wilson (Liberals)

Another one who voted no after his electorate voted yes. And that’s about the most interesting fact there is to know about Mr Wilson.

Stuart Robert (Liberal)

Where do I begin? Proudly one of Scomo’s closest confidantes, there’s been too many controversies in this political career to list here. But just this week Robert fronted the Robodebt Royal Commission.

Although the Minister in charge from May 2019 of the unlawful debt recovery scheme which contributed to up to 2000 deaths, Robert refused to take responsibility.

The former minister justified giving the media inaccurate or less-than-candid information because “ministers are required to defend the government’s programs as part of cabinet solidarity regardless of [whether] they agree with them or not.”

We’ll be hearing more of Mr Robert when the Commission reports.

Bert van Manen (Liberal)

An unremarkable political career continues unremarkably.

Also: Katter party welcomes members who identify as crocodiles.

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