The Equality Campaign Relaunches As New Organisation To Fight For LGBTIQ Rights

Equality Australia CEO Anna Brown

A new organisation to fight for LGBTIQ law reform in Australia has been launched, with marriage equality lobby group Equality Campaign rebranding as Equality Australia.

Prominent marriage equality campaigner Anna Brown will leave her current role at the Human Rights Law Centre to serve as the organisation’s CEO.

Speaking on the 12 month anniversary of the passage of marriage equality on Sunday, Brown said there was still work to do.

Equality Australia will focus on ending discrimination against LGBTIQ Australians in education, workplaces and wider society.

“We know that discrimination didn’t end when we achieved marriage equality,” she said.

“We know there are LGBTI people who aren’t safe at work, they are not safe to be out and they are not safe at school.

“We still suffer public harassment and we know transgender people don’t have access to the ID documents they need to be treated with dignity and respect.

“Gay conversion therapy is still pervasive in many faith communities.

“Intersex infants and children are shockingly subjected to medically unnecessary surgeries so that they conform to stereotypical ideas of male and female bodies.”

The new organisation will be initially funded with $500,000 in funding left over from the marriage equality campaign, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The launch of Equality Australia comes after the Coalition and Labor failed to reach an agreement last week on how to amend the Sex Discrimination Act to protect LGBT students from discrimination at religious schools, delaying any action on the issue until 2019.

“Religious discrimination is the number one issue that supporters of equality want us to campaign on,” Anna Brown said.

“We will be taking a campaign to remove discrimination in schools to the highest levels of government.”

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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