The Block’s Mitch and Mark say ‘no nastiness’ in new TV show

The Block gay granddads Mitch and Mark on new property show
Image: Network 10

The Block’s gay granddads Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie believe they’re the first gay couple to host a primetime Australian TV show together.

The couple, who’ve been together for nearly two decades, first competed on The Block in 2019.

Two years later, Mitch and Mark returned to The Block for a Fans vs Faves season. Across both seasons, the couple scored a profit on their properties of over $1 million.

On Friday the pair appeared on Network 10 as hosts of new property show Location, Location, Location Australia.

The couple explained they got the gig after a “dodgy” iPhone audition. As the show starts, the men say they proud to be a same-sex couple hosting a primetime TV show.

“When you look at Australian TV, we’re very proud,” Mark told Mediaweek.

“We are hosting a prime-time show on Channel 10 as a same-sex couple. I don’t think there’s been any other same-sex couple hosting a show on Australian TV or around the world.”

And the couple point out that they’re both sixty-somethings to boot.

“It’s amazing. If you wind the clock back, people got to a certain age [and] you were put aside for someone younger and prettier,” Mitch said.

“Years ago, it used to be 40 [years old]. And it probably happened to women more so than men.

“Now, when you look at the fact that we’re starting to host a show at this age, it shows us as a society we’ve come a long way in recognising people have value regardless of their age, or their sexual orientation.

“We can look for people that are right for something based on their personality, as opposed to based on how young they look or whether they’re into boys or girls.”

Mitch and Mark ‘do what it takes’ to get couples properties

For almost 20 years, Mitch and Mark have bought and flipped properties together, first as a hobby then as a lucrative career.

In Location, Location, Location, Mitch and Mark travel across the country meeting house-hunting hopefuls. The men offer up their knowledge and experience to help them all onto the property ladder.

Mitch and Mark say the new show is very different to the high-pressure environment of The Block.

The pair promise Location, Location, Location has “no nastiness” or reality TV producers trying to stir up drama.

The new show offers up plenty of “property porn” but also the crucial “feel-good element” of “just your average Aussies trying to get a home for the family.”

Mitch and Mark said they get emotionally invested and many times, the pair are left fighting back tears.

“Mitch and I are very passionate about property and being able to help people,” Mark said.

“We’re prepared to do what it takes. So that’s why when somebody gets the property it’s a relief.”

Mitch added, “We get on board because we’re not a realtor. We’re not going to benefit from them buying.

“We really want a lot of them who’ve looked for way too long to take the step to get on the ladder.”

Mitch and Mark said that also involved spending some time after filming helping couples who weren’t successful on the show.

But on other occasions, Mitch admitted, “We get over-invested. We are so bad… I have to stop myself from saying, ‘I think WE have this [property]!’ It’s not mine, it’s theirs!”

Location, Location, Location is on Friday nights on Network 10 and streaming on 10 play.

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  1. 6 July 2023

    I continue to feel grateful to you two, & your Site, Mitch & Mark; for your up-to-date comments – as a 70+ gay guy in a wonderfully happy & successful 40 year old relationship Mike, on Kangaroo Island. Mike

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