Elton John has been known to throw the odd tantrum over the years, but at least he has apologised to the target of his latest one, proving that sorry is not necessarily the hardest word.

Performing at a concert in Gloucester Elton became irate at stadium staff who were following through with venue policy and asking fans not to wave their hands around so other patrons can see. However, rather than have his people ask the venue management to relax the policy, Elton took aim at the stewards with a foul mouthed tirade, even singling out one woman who left in tears after Elton called her a c–t in front to thousands of people.

“You f–king stewards, who do you think you are?” Elton began. “This is my f–king concert, who are you? …. especially you with the f–king blonde ponytail, you’re a f–king c— … Yes you, this isn’t f–king China, now piss off. My fans have paid good money and if they want to wave their f–king arms they f–king can. Do you hear me? Now piss off!”

Sections of the crowd voiced their disapproval of Elton’s tantrum but the musical legend was undeterred and told them not to feel sorry for her.

“I came here to play music, now all you stewards down there, especially the woman in the pony tail, f**king lighten up will you? Elton continued. “These people have come to hear music and if they want to put their hands in the air let them. This is not f**king China, so piss off. You’ve got a f**king uniform on and you think you’re Hitler and you’re not. You can piss off! I mean really. Don’t have any sympathy with her, this is a concert ok?”

After performing another couple of songs (and possibly getting a kick in the ass from his PR manager) Elton had a change of heart and offered an apology to the stewards and invited the woman he singled out to join him on stage for a hug and the best seat in the house – right next to him on his piano stool.

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