Ten New Uses for Your Closet…

…Now that you’re out of it;

Well done to you, for being yourself, however there is that inevitable empty space that you’ve just stepped out of and that bulky, old closet.
Whether you came out from a tangled fabric of a former life, feeling like you’ve been hung on cheap wire hangers for way too long or you have seemingly stepped straight out of Liberace’s very own closet, with a natural ability to mix pale mauve with the lightest touch of amber….you still need to make use of that empty piece of furniture.

Here are our top ten new uses for the humble closet…

1. Make your own bar!
What better way to start the list, than with an awesome Aussie tradition, the homemade bar. Turn your old closet on its side, whack in a bar fridge, table top BBQ, all stylishly topped off with the drawers as covers and tool holders. MAAATE!!

2. Garden bed!
Give me oxygen people!!! We all need to breathe….we all love plants, right? Configure your new closet with this season’s stylish greens, yellows and reds and beans and peas and herbs and…….I digest. Make your best garden on a balcony or yard and bring the peace, love and mung beans, baby!

3. Secret Narnia closet toilet door!
Step one, find your sexiest tradesperson and ask them to remove the back off your closet and remove base to fit to floor level. With all respect for your building codes, of course, place modified closet in front of toilet door. Now you can simply slip in and out of Narnia when the world around becomes too much.

4. Phone box!
If it’s good enough for Dr Who, then it’s good enough for you. Be the sci-fi etiquette guru and ask all guests to use the ‘Tardis’ when on their mobile devices, during social gatherings on the mother ship (your home….). Any handy-person, with an average amount of knowledge on the tools, could easily whip up a phone booth, for that one guest who just won’t get off their “tots fav app”, whilst you’re trying to serve up a years’ worth of effort in the kitchen.

5. Rembrandt or Lichtenstein!
A simple disassemble job and then paint away!! Turn your old closet panels into flat space saving panels of art. Be as outrageous on your new panels as you are, you big arty, farty pants. Don’t fear if you paint like you’re being tickled by a chainsaw, try something simple yet effective like writing everything you love about the world on it.

6. Antiques Road Show!
Stop!! Before taking to your old life… err… closet, with the tools! Make sure that you’re not about to massacre your grandparents antique Chesterfield. Some furniture is valuable, as many know and it always pays to check if your amazing old closet is almost as valuable as you. Local auctions, classifieds, as well as the online bounty of ways to sell, could see you net a tidy sum for the weekend or more.

7. It’s Billy Carting Season!
Bring back the billy cart I say! There are a few too many kids out there with too few bruises these days (except on their swipe finger). Billy carts are a perfect way to end up with gravel rash, under hot asphalt burns, around a protruding femur, after setting the local ‘Summer Dash’ record. Set out your plans for the hottest little soap-box in town, grab a kid (your own or at least one you know, whose parents need a break) and give that closet the all-time billycart makeover.

8. Dog Kennel!
Give ‘Rover’ a home of his own and a dry bone. With all the trimmings that your pooch deserves, your handy work will see Rover be the envy of the ‘Jones’.

9. Low-line coffee table!
If you’ve got the right type of closet, simply lay your old closet on its back, doors facing up (for extra storage when not in coffee mode). A copy of the latest QNews and ‘noice’ doily or two and fabbo you have coffee central for you and the entire street covered.

10. Fancy dress closet!
In an age where we don’t need any excuse to wear fancy dress costumes, why not use that old closet for its intended use, CLOTHES. Not just your everyday clothes, though, we’re talking that amazing array of superhero outfits you’ve collected and shoved in a plastic tub, which will ultimately see them lose any super powers they once had. Be proud of your alter ego outfits and have some fun any time you get that urge to don your best ‘Bugs Bunny onesie.’

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