It’s official – Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes is gay.

There has been much speculation about his sexuality since a Tumblr post in January described some racy modelling photos as his “secret gay past”.

When Haynes responded with “Was it a secret? Let’s all just enjoy life & have no regrets :)”, many assumed he was coming out publicly.

Not so.

It was a complete shock. I wasn’t ready to be back in the headlines … I should have made a comment or a statement, but I just wasn’t ready,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

I didn’t feel like I owed anyone anything. I think in due time, everyone has to make those decisions when they’re ready, and I wasn’t yet.

But I felt like I was letting people down by not coming forward with the rest of what I should have said.”

The actor, who is immensely popular and active on a number of social media platforms, has previously refused to discuss his sexuality and love life.

People want you to be that GQ image that you put out, but people don’t realise what it’s like to act 24 hours a day. I’d go home and I was still acting,” he told EW.

People who are so judgemental about those who are gay or different don’t realise that acting 24 hours a day is the most exhausting thing in the world.”

Haynes, who never hid his sexuality from family or friends, has been an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, sharing pictures and messages of support online of his gay brother Joshua and his husband Scott.

The actor has previously opened up about his lifelong struggle with anxiety, which he said led to hospitalisation, unemployment, and loss of friendships.

Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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