Taiwan To Hold Referendum On Same-Sex Marriage In November

Australian Marriage Equality meets with same-sex marriage activists in Taiwan

Taiwan will hold a public vote on November 24 on whether the country should recognise same-sex marriage.

The country’s top court ruled last year that same-sex couples in Taiwan have the constitutional right to marry, a historic first for Asia.

The court instructed authorities to enact laws legalising marriage equality within two years.

But the Taiwanese government has been slow to act. The country’s electoral commission decided on Tuesday a national public vote on the issue will be held on November 24, Reuters reported.

It comes after marriage equality opponents successfully petitioned for the referendum to define marriage as being between one man and one woman and asking for a separate law to be enacted for same-sex unions.

One conservative group, the Happiness of the Next Generation Alliance, argued for a separate law to protect “family values”.

In September, Australia’s “yes” campaign group Australian Marriage Equality crowdfunded $10,000 to donate to Taiwan supporters to help them win the looming public vote.

Last weekend, a referendum on marriage equality held in Romania was invalidated due to a low turnout after marriage equality supporters urged Romanians to boycott the poll.

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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